19+ Free Happy Hour Templates for your business


Are you on the lookout for eye-popping happy hour templates to market your discounts and special deals? At Wepik, we’re pulling out our ace in the hole and bringing you eye-catching solutions to spread the buzz about your business.

Our ready-made happy hour menu templates will do the trick! And forget about installing intricate, counterintuitive design programs, since personalizing your template in Wepik’s user-friendly online editor is mere child’s play.

Scroll down to discover our wide range of dazzling happy hour invites that will boost your venue’s profitability.

Create a happy hour design with our editable templates

Happy hours are a trendy tool for bars, pubs, and restaurants, which is meant to draw clients into your establishment when they aren’t usually there. Thus, it fills the lull in the workflow which often comes at midday or before dinner and maximizes your income during a time when activity comes to a halt.

These are some advantages of pulling off an effective, well-thought happy hour strategy:

  • It increases your income: Charge less, earn more. Your customers love discounts and the feeling that they are coming across a bargain. According to statistics, bars get a +26% revenue increase on average during happy hours compared with non-happy-hour ones. Creating an engaging strategy on this topic can seriously boost your income.
  • It attracts new customers like bees to honey: Not only will your loyal guests take an interest, but also new customers who hadn’t heard about your business before will come up to your doorstep just for the sake of exclusive prices. If done right, they may turn into regular clients. In case you want to read more in-depth about planning a successful happy hour offer, take a look at this TouchBistro blog post.
  • It spreads the word and promotes your brand: You can announce your happy hour irresistible deals on social media and hang or scatter some posters around to let your audience know. Wepik provides impressive happy hour invitation templates that will captivate your audience and give them a little preview taste of your snacks and cocktails.

Even though happy hours are a timeless classic, a fair number of pubs and restaurants have hopped into the rock-bottom price bandwagon. As a consequence, improving your business visibility is a tough task to handle nowadays.

You’re not alone in this! In Wepik, we are willing to help you with stunning happy hour invitation templates that you can customize on our online editor. You can experiment, transform and reshape your favorite template as you wish. All text and design elements are easily editable in seconds. And, on top of that, you can upload your own media and logos to match every detail of your visual branding.

And you don’t have to be a design connoisseur nor even know the nuts and bolts of graphic design. Anybody from any background can use Wepik’s online editor and get the hang of it in less than a minute!

Happy Hour Poster Templates

Posters are an excellent format to reach a local audience who may live nearby and have a great potential to become loyal to your business. We invite you to discover Wepik’s astounding collection that won’t definitely go unnoticed. Edit this purple happy hour poster or this beer happy hour one and, once you have them ready, you just have to print your stunning designs and plaster your neighborhood to start impacting passers-by!

Happy hour poster templates collage with 2 images of this bar or restaurant celebration.

Happy Hour Flyer Templates

Flyers are the way to go if you want to advertise your business handing them out, gluing them to walls and boards or distributing them strategically. These happy hour flyer templates along with your alluring deal will bring in first-time guests. Pick your beer happy hour flyer, a cartoon-designed one, or a cocktails happy hour. Add your own magnetizing catchphrases with Wepik’s easy-to-use online editor, and you’re ready to go!

Happy hour flyer templates collage with 3 images of this bar or restaurant celebration.

Happy Hour Menu Templates

Show off your beers, cocktails, drinks, shareable food and mouthwatering snack bites with these mesmerizing happy hour menu templates. Customize your favorite one to write your own prices and products in a well-structured, clear layout and highlight your best promotions using different font styles with Wepik. The happy hour menu templates below are just an excerpt of what we can offer you!

Happy hour menu templates collage with 2 images of this bar or restaurant celebration.

Happy Hour Templates for Social Media

Promoting your happy hour on social media is a must if you intend to fill your venue to the brim! Generate click-winning virtual content on Instagram, Facebook, and much more, and drum up interest from your followers. Wepik’s happy hour Instagram templates come in the right measures and in different styles, such as modern, vintage or simple, depending on your needs,  so you don’t have to bother about anything. Try them out and start sharing them on your social media channels in order to gain more exposure!

Happy hour social media (instagram stories) templates collage with 3 images of this bar or restaurant celebration.

Make Happy Hour designs to boost your business

Thinking up ideas for happy hour templates and putting them into practice can be a cumbersome, time-consuming task. Especially, if we are not design-savvy and don’t have a good grasp of the latest graphic design software in the market.

That’s why Wepik has been brought to the world: to democratize design and make it accessible to anybody from everywhere. Happy hour invitations, flyers, menus… It just doesn’t matter. At Wepik, you can personalize them following your visual branding guidelines and adapt them to your business characteristics.

You’re a few clicks away from downloading and printing your on-brand happy hour templates!