What’s New – Background Remover Updates

Wepik’s Background Remover feature is a 100% free attribute, implemented to help you get professional-designed in a fast and comfortable way. You’ll be able to remove the background and make new edits like a pro with no designing skills needed. Here are the newest updates we’ve made to this feature!

Explore our Background Remover

Depth Effect

Split the image into two independent layers with this option. You’ll be able to edit the background and the object layer separately and adjust colors and shapes depending on what your design needs are. Here are some options you can easily implement:

  • Style the background by adding a clipping mask or working with our filter collection. There are unique shapes and sizes you can choose from, adapting anything to your needs.
  • Add vectors and elements between the background and the object layer (also called foreground). You can choose new shapes, texts, other images, and much more. The options bring “forward” and “backward” will be your allies for this task.
  • Resize anything! Make sure you select the desired vector and drag any of the corners to adjust its size in just a few seconds.

New Presets

Imagination sometimes can get a little tricky. But, you know what? We also want to offer you a solution to this problem. “How?” — you may ask. Well, it’s just about something magical called “presets” or custom-made shapes and color combinations.

Presets are ready to use just by selecting the photo and clicking on the three dots you’ll find on the small right menu. Use a square or round shape, make your backdrop black and white, or pick a blurry one. Up to you! We introduce you to the most popular presets on Wepik:

Blurry Background

Ideal if you want to remark the main object on the picture, letting the background at the second level. This effect will provide a professional result, as made by high-level photographers.

Fashion photography promotional linkedin post template from Wepik

Get Photographer LinkedIn Post Template

Add Shapes in Between Background & Object Layer

This preset will instantly create a new layer between the background and the main object, being able to add images or any other vectors in the middle. The perfect option if you want the coolest collage as a result.

To move the layers, just use the “forward”, “backward”, “to front” and “to back” options you’ll find when editing.

Photographer Instagram Post template with a cool design and a picture of two girls with the background removed

Get Photographer Instagram Post Template

Clipping Masks

Adding a new shape to your backdrop is now possible! Instead of just removing it, you can create a nice composition by picking one of our clipping masks with a shape that’s more appealing to you.

Fitness punch card or loyalty card template for fitness purposes, with a woman boxing at the right

Get Duotone Loyalty Card Template

Add Texts in Between Background & Object Layer

Do you want to create a visual and add some text as well, but in a slightly different way? We introduce you to the option of inserting wording in the middle of the layers. Creating a perfect illusion of mixed graphics and text is now an easy and affordable option!

Minimalist Brochure template with two pictures and an elegant design

Get Beauty Salon Brochure Template

By now, these are all the news we wanted to share with you. We’re working on new features and improvements to make your editing easier than ever, so stay tuned for more!