How to add and edit texts in images with Wepik

In this tutorial, we will guide you through editing text in images using Wepik, the ultimate design tool. Discover how to add, modify, and customize text to create stunning visuals for social media posts, presentations, and more. Join us now and unlock the power of Wepik’s text editing features!

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Video transcription

Welcome to this tutorial on how to add text to any image using Wepik’s free online editing tool. First, upload yours or select a picture from Wepik’s collection.

Next, click on the ‘Text’ tab on the left side of the editor. Choose a font that suits your style and write your text in the text box. You can adjust your text’s font size, color, gradients, and alignment. Once you’ve entered your text, simply drag it over your image and position it wherever you want. You can also resize and rotate the text to fit perfectly. Then, hit download and that’s Wepik! design made easy for your business.