How to remove background from pictures with Wepik

You might be searching for how to remove the background from your pictures. Our online editing tool is just what you need. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Wepik’s Background Remover tool to get amazing results. No need to download any software or have advanced editing skills. Just follow the simple steps we’ll show you and in no time you’ll have a background-free image ready to use. Watch the tutorial now!

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Removing the background of any image was never so fast and easy! Relax because with Wepik you’ll be designing like a pro with no skills needed! First, choose your template — it can be anything! An Instagram Post for a Café, Posters for a Fitness Gym, or Flyers for a Hair and Beauty salon. Once you’ve picked one, let’s go to the Editor. 

Select the image and click “Remove BG” or remove background on the small gray banner floating on top. Click it, and… voilà! Your image is ready, and the background has been removed. If you want another image, find the perfect one with Freepik’s resources. But that’s not all! By selecting your own photos with the Upload option, and following the same procedure, you can also remove their background! And if you messed up, it’s okay! Simply click on the Recover Background button, and it’ll be like nothing ever happened.

Want to take your editing skills to another level? Select your picture and click on the three dots. The presets panel will appear on the right side, and there you can select how you want your background to appear — blurry, with a brush stroke, various shapes, dotted pattern, and even — completely gone!

Now that your design is ready to go — let’s head over to the Download buttonHere, you can get your design in any format, and by connecting your social media accounts, share your design with a simple click. That’s Wepik, design made easy for your business.

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