How to write an image AI prompt

Learn how to write powerful AI image prompts like a pro with this step-by-step video tutorial. Discover tips to create effective and engaging prompts that inspire creativity and drive results. With Wepik, you’ll get the skills and knowledge needed to write prompts and generate AI images from text that stand out!

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Video transcription

Taking the first steps with AI can be intimidating, but with a few tips and tricks, you’ll become a prompt wizard in no time!

First, think and describe what you want to see. A selection of cocktails for your bar? Freshly baked cookies? Use at least three words that contain a noun and an adjective on it… But the more adjectives, the best! And don’t forget exclamation marks!! if you want to stress the importance of detail.

Setting the scene is key—Is your image panoramic? Landscape? Close up? Include it to achieve the perfect result.  Don’t be afraid to sound redundant, The more, the merrier! Include as many words and details as you want to refine the outcome – Vintage, adorable, tender, funny…

Last but not least, include some effects. By writing down ultra-realistic, sharp focus, macro, or film photography, it’ll give your image a unique atmosphere. When you feel that your prompt is ready, click on the size you want, and the style of image you want… wait a few seconds, and be ready to see your creations! If the outcome is not what you had in mind, click on Try again for some brand-new results with the same prompt, or select Edit Prompt to re-write and modify your text. When the final image is ready, simply select Include in my design or download it.

Piece of cake! That’s Wepik, design made easy for your business.

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