How Wepik turned into the first non-professional editor to include an AI-Generated Images service

Since we began planning and developing Wepik, there was always one thing clear: facilitate access to several graphic resources for those who don’t have any designing experience, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Now we can proudly say that we’re bringing to life a completely free product that, above all, is intended for entrepreneurs and brave small business owners. Moreover, thanks to the API of Stable Diffusion, we’ve become the first product of these characteristics that integrate functionality to develop images generated by Artificial Intelligence.

How AI was developed at Wepik

We are convinced that images generated by AI will be a true revolution for our field, and that’s why we truly believe in introducing this technology on Wepik from the very beginning. For us, the use case is crystal clear: entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t always rely on stock images, as they want to get an exclusive one. That’s why we decided to explore the possibility of offering images on demand, with the precise specifications the user requires.

Following this premise, we implemented the API of Stable Diffusion with three main options for the user:

  • To explore the image gallery generated by AI and integrate them into their projects
  • To develop a new image from the ones we offer, and modify the text or the prompt
  • To create a new image by writing a few words and adjusting the pixel dimensions

Explore our AI Image Generator

This is only the beginning. The next step will be providing access to the service without having to learn how to communicate with an AI, thanks to a conversational and guided interface. For the time being, we offer tips and advice to the user to achieve their desired output.

The use of AI grants Wepik users more creative freedom

It is not the first time that Wepik uses Artificial Intelligence. Recently, we incorporated automatized AI technology into our Background Remover, one of our most popular features. With this upgraded version, users can quickly and effortlessly try presets to create complex effects. Applying a blur effect, clipping masks, or inserting text between an object and its background are all actions available to everyone, including those without design experience.

The future of AI at Wepik and Freepik Company

AI image search (CLIP) — which is currently used in Freepik — in-painting, uncrop, and img2img are just a few of the solutions that are already being considered for the future of Wepik and other company products.

Some users may find these terms confusing, and that is where our work begins: researching the technology, understanding how it can fix certain issues, and designing a practical solution are all part of our services. And with luck (or rather, hard work), Wepik will keep growing along with the start-ups and small businesses who reach us.