TOP 2023 templates from Wepik

Embark on a design adventure like no other with the hottest picks from Wepik in 2023! We’ve rounded up 15 jaw-dropping templates that are seriously making waves in the creative scene. Picture this: a mix of sleek, modern vibes and bursts of color that are totally on point with the latest trends. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into design, these templates are your secret weapon for making your projects pop. Wepik’s got something for everyone—from bold and vibrant to cool and minimalist. It’s like having your design genie! 

Formal Business ID card template

This template is not just a card; it’s your business’s VIP pass to leave a lasting impression. Imagine sleek lines, a touch of sophistication, and a dash of modern flair, all neatly encapsulated in one compact design. The clean layout provides the perfect canvas to showcase your logo, and the carefully chosen color scheme exudes professionalism. But here’s the kicker—it’s not just eye candy! This design is a powerhouse of functionality, ensuring your business information is presented with clarity and style.

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Modern Simple Social Media Content Calendar template

Calling all digital creators! Say hello to your new secret weapon for conquering content. With its sleek design and easy-to-use interface, this design isn’t just about keeping track of dates; it’s about giving your content strategy an upgrade. Customize it to your heart’s content, plan with ease, and never miss a beat (or a post) again. Whether you’re a small business owner juggling multiple social platforms or a digital marketer on the hunt for the next trend, this calendar is your ticket to a stress-free, streamlined content-planning process.

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Friendly Birthday Instagram Story template

This vibrant and playful template is designed to bring extra cheer to any birthday bash. It’s bursting with color, warmth, and a party vibe that can’t be ignored. Whether you’re wishing a loved one or celebrating your special day, this template allows you to share your joy with the world in style. Its user-friendly design means you can easily customize it to suit your aesthetic, making each birthday shout-out unique, heartfelt, and most importantly, unforgettable. So, get ready to light up the Instagram feed and make every birthday feel like the grand event it should be!

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Professional Wall & Plants Zoom Background template

Step into a virtual oasis with this vibrant design—it’s like having your secret garden right in your home office! With verdant hanging plants adorning a chic, minimalist wall, this backdrop oozes tranquility and style, making every Zoom call feel like a breath of fresh air. But the fun doesn’t stop at the aesthetics—this template is fully customizable, allowing you to add your personal touch to the design. So why settle for the ordinary when you can transform your meetings into vibrant, unforgettable experiences? Your Zoom sessions will never be the same again!

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Best Friends Happy Birthday Instagram Story template

Step into a world of confetti showers, floating balloons, and delicious-looking cakes with this dynamic Instagram story template. It’s an explosion of color and joy, designed to make birthday celebrations even more memorable! The customizable photo spot is the star of the show, waiting for your favorite snapshot to complete the picture. Plus, there’s plenty of space for a heartfelt message to accompany your visual treat. This isn’t just an Instagram story; it’s a mini birthday party on your screen, ready to spread cheer and create smiles.

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Creative Colorful Summer Camp Schedule template

Immerse yourself in the joy and vibrancy of summer with this beautifully designed schedule. Bursting with color, it perfectly captures the spirit of a lively summer camp, with playful icons and cheerful typography that add a dash of fun. It’s not just a schedule, but a visual journey through a day at camp, filled with laughter, adventure, and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re an organizer planning the day’s activities or a parent keen to share the excitement of summer camp, this captivating design is sure to delight you. So why not add a splash of sunshine to your day, with this delightful depiction of summer fun?

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Modern NGO Volunteer Certificate template

Feast your eyes on this sleek, modern certificate that seamlessly marries style and substance. With its customizable elements, it’s a chameleon of a design, ready to adapt to your unique appreciation needs. Behind its polished exterior lies a heart of gold, making it the perfect way to honor the selfless volunteers in your organization. It’s more than just a certificate; it’s a testament to the power of gratitude, served up with a side of sophistication. So why not add a dash of panache to your ‘thank you’ and watch as it transforms into a memorable keepsake?

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Professional Nursing Resume template

Picture this: a resume that’s as compassionate and caring as a seasoned nurse, yet as modern and stylish as a sleek hospital room. This dynamic template does just that, seamlessly blending warmth and sophistication to showcase your nursing prowess. Its clean lines and understated elegance will have potential employers swooning, while its customizable nature allows you to tailor it to your unique story. Let your nursing expertise shine through this resume, ready to heal and inspire.

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Professional Football Tournament Poster template

Prepare to witness the electrifying energy of this football tournament as it bursts onto the scene with a poster that’s as captivating as a David Beckham free kick. This dynamic template pulsates with the thrill of the game, igniting the anticipation of fans and leaving them eager to cheer for their teams. With its bold colors and eye-catching graphics, this poster will grab attention and leave a lasting impression, ensuring that no one forgets the excitement of this tournament. Embrace the spirit of the game and let the passion of football shine through this captivating poster.

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Cute Nail Salon Price List template

Elevate your nail salon’s charm with a price list that’s as delightful as a kitten’s playful pounce, yet as stylish as a perfectly manicured hand. This captivating template seamlessly blends cuteness and elegance to showcase your salon’s unique personality. Its pastel hues and playful graphics will instantly captivate your customers, while its customizable nature allows you to tailor it to your brand aesthetic. Let your nail salon’s charm shine through this price list, ready to delight and pamper.

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Modern Agile Diagram template

Chart your team’s path to success with an agile diagram that’s as nimble as a mountain goat, yet as polished as a modern startup. This dynamic template combines agility and sophistication to visually represent your project’s flow with precision and clarity. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic will captivate your team’s attention, while its customizable nature allows you to tailor it to your unique workflow. Let your project’s agility leap off this diagram and guide your team to victory!

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Professional CV template

Craft a CV that’s as captivating as a Hollywood blockbuster, with this dynamic template that’ll make your skills shine like a supernova. Picture this: your CV, not a dull list of accomplishments, but a cinematic narrative that’ll have recruiters hooked from the first frame. This template is your secret weapon, a stage for your professional story to unfold, with captivating visuals and a layout that’s as sleek as a superhero’s suit. With its clean lines, sophisticated color palette, and carefully curated typography, your CV will look like it belongs on the silver screen.

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Elegant Minimalist Beauty Salon Prices List template

Step aside, dull and outdated price lists – your time has come and gone. Elevate your beauty salon’s image with this elegant and minimalist price list that’s as sophisticated as your services! Imagine your prices gracing a page that’s as sleek and modern as a luxury car’s interior. This template will transform your price list into a work of art, with its clean lines, subtle color palette, and perfectly balanced typography. Your clients will be as impressed by your prices as they are by your pampering treatments.

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Geometric Chess Certificate template

Envision your chess mastery immortalized on a certificate that’s as intricate and captivating as a grandmaster’s moves. This template is your trophy case, a stage for your prowess to shine with captivating visuals and a layout that’s as sophisticated as a chessboard itself. With its clean lines, vibrant color palette, and thoughtfully curated typography, your chess accomplishments will be showcased like never before. So, raise your pawn to victory and let this template be your testament to your chess prowess.

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Minimalist AI Created Images Storyboard template

Embrace the future of storyboarding with this innovative template that blends human creativity with the power of AI! Imagine your storyboard coming to life with stunning visuals that are as captivating as a dream. This template is your gateway to the future—with its clean lines, versatile color palette, and seamlessly integrated AI-generated images, your storyboard will take your audience on an unforgettable journey. Step into the realm of the extraordinary and let this template be your guide!

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You’ve seen our favorites, now unleash your own! The world of design is your oyster, teeming with endless possibilities. Your creativity is the only boundary, so let your imagination soar and create something truly remarkable. We’re eagerly awaiting the masterpieces you’ll unveil next year.