What’s New – Artificial Intelligence (AI) Search Engine

In recent times, Wepik has been heavily relying on artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve its search offerings.  With AI on the circuits of its search engine system, Wepik is able to provide more results at lightning speed. This means that users can quickly and easily find exactly what they’re looking for on the platform.

The improvements made with AI have been especially useful when it comes to searching large databases of templates. By leveraging AI algorithms, Wepik can provide better matches between users’ queries and the content available in its collection.

For example, Wepik analyzes the text of user queries and offers up more relevant results based on their meaning rather than just their exact words. For example, if a user searches for “wedding invitation templates” they’ll get a list of options that are related to wedding invitations even if their search terms didn’t specifically focus on wedding-specific items. This makes it easier for users to find the perfect template for their needs without having to scroll through thousands of unrelated results.

Wepik has also incorporated ML (Machine Learning) into its search engine, which allows it to learn from user interactions, such as clicks or downloads of certain templates. These data points are then used by the algorithm to refine its understanding of what content is most likely to be useful or interesting to searchers in similar contexts. Over time, this process allows the algorithm to become more accurate as it accumulates data on which types of templates work best for each individual query over time.

Overall, Wepik’s improved search capabilities make it easier than ever before for users to find the exact template they require right away – no scrolling through pages of irrelevant results necessary! With these incredible advancements in AI technology, you can easily locate any type of design asset quickly, so you can move on with your project as soon as possible. Because that’s Wepik, design (and AI) made easy for you.