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Free Pastel templates to design

We all love these pastel color palette designs! Get any template and customize it with our online editing tool. Sign up on Wepik to download them later so you can print or share them on social media. Start now!

Abstract Pastel Young Missions Church Brochure 2
Minimalist Ikigai Venn General Diagram
Pastel Grid Green Vaporwave Desktop Wallpaper
Pink Plants Weekly Planner
Pastel Travel Guide: Paris General Presentation 28
Pastel Delicious Cotton Candy Label
Pastel Waves Mint Relax Spa Instagram Story
Pastel Waves Health & Fitness Instagram Post 6
Pastel Naroah Beauty Salon Gift Certificate 2
Floral Wanda Spa Customer Review Instagram Story
Hand-drawn Custom Color Interior Designer Flyer
Vintage New Collection Interior Design Instagram Post 4
Professional Simple Amy High School Resume
Hand-drawn Beauty Labs Salon Gift Certificate
Abstract Irina B. Interior Design Business Card 2
Retro Fast Food Restaurant Instagram Story
Duotone Sua Spa Invoice
Floral Pastel Blossom's Beauty Salon Business Card 2
Elegant Minimalist Gold Beauty Salon Out Of Order Sign
Abstract Yoga Studio Flyer
Hand-drawn Diana Molina Interior Designer Business Card 2
Cute Pastel Pink Grid Instagram Post 9
Gradient Hi World Travel Agency Business Card 2
Pastel Pinky Instagram Reel Cover
Pastel Geometric Deko Interior Design Flyer
Aesthetic Shiny Nail Salon Instagram Reel Cover
Simple East Asian Landscape Campaign General Presentation 35
Hand-drawn Pastel Wedding Presentation template 6
Cute Pastel Purple Organizer Desktop Wallpaper
Cute Background Organizer Desktop Wallpaper
Simple Pastel Lulu Nail Salon Customer Review Instagram Post
Vintage The Manicure Invoice
Pastel Home Self-Care Instagram Reel Cover 4
Aesthetic Pastel Time To Travel Agency Facebook Post
Modern Nola Beauty Salon Facebook Post
Pastel Painted Birthday Instagram Story
Pastel Wellness Spa Poster
Simple Holistic Spa Instagram Story 6
Cute Pastel Enigma K-pop Appreciation Instagram Post
Minimalist Pastel Inspirational Captions Instagram Post 9
Hand-drawn Pastel Coffee Gift Tag 2
Cute Pastel Retro Windows Desktop Wallpaper
Pastel Spa Viva Invoice
Cute Aesthetic Green Organizer Desktop Wallpaper
Abstract Interior Designer Business Card 2
Blue Gradient Vaporwave Desktop Wallpaper
Hand-drawn Back To School Stationery Flyer
Minimalist Pastel Ela Beauty Acne Skincare Routine Brochure 2
Pastel Pink Brikman Spa Invoice
Pastel Krystal Spa Invoice
Pastel Hip hop DJ Business Card 2
Abstract Pastel Grid Instagram Post 9
Floral Pastel Facial Spa Instagram Story 4
Hand-drawn Custom Color Interior Designer Business Card 2
Hand-drawn Body Treatment Instagram Reel Cover
Minimalist Linear Diva Nail Salon Do Not Touch Sign
Hand-drawn Floral Rosebud Beauty Salon Facebook Post
Abstract Child-like Education Book Cover
Cool Bubble Customer Review Instagram Post
Cute Floral Hammam Koiko Spa Poster