7 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to attract customers in 2023

The sweet smell of love is in the air, and it’s time for small businesses to start brainstorming Valentine’s Day campaign ideas that will win customers’ hearts (and wallets)! According to the NRF, more than half of consumers intend to celebrate this day and even those who will not celebrate aim to honor the occasion. So don’t let your small business fall behind! Keep reading and discover the very best 7 marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day. Cupid will not be the only star this year 😉

1. Design a custom Valentine’s Day catalog

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil your loved ones with gifts, but with so many options available, it can be hard to make that perfect choice. That’s why creating a small catalog focused on Valentine’s Day is an excellent idea! Not only can consumers get the best deals by comparing prices and offers, but they’ll also appreciate the thoughtfulness of special promotions tailored for them. What better way to say “I love you!”?

2. Create a limited product series

This date provides marketers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with their clients. Offering limited-time products or promotions can instill a “fear of missing out” (FOMO marketing) in consumers, causing them to act quickly and ensure they do not skip exclusive offers. This marketing technique is one of the most effective, so why not make Valentine’s Day extra special with some exclusive goodies?

3. Run special promotions on social media

The ways of expressing love change with the times! Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day by launching a special social media campaign for your followers, which you can also use to attract even more customers. If you need some Valentine’s Day Instagram post ideas, dive into Wepik and look through our specially designed templates for this occasion. Make sure to have fun with it — Valentine’s Day is not all about candy hearts and roses!

Sales mockup for Valentine's Day with a pink background and a lovely design, together with a choice of 5 different graphics

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4. Share the love with your customers

Okay, fine. We know we promised you some marketing strategies, but keep in mind that your clients does not want to be literally bombed. Think of it this way: Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about sales, but an opportunity to thank them for their loyalty with a personal touch. A simple email campaign or gift can go a long way toward showing your customers that you appreciate them, no matter how they show their support!

5. Spread love with user-generated content

If you liked our previous idea, we have more for you! Get your customers involved with some fun, witty contests featuring user-generated content. Ask them to share stories or post photos while tagging your company and mentioning your main product. This will not only help to increase your visibility on social media – your customers will spread the word about you! Have some fun and show the world why your brand is the one they need.

6. Adopt Anti-Valentine’s Day Trend

Didn’t see this one coming? We said we’d come up with unique ideas! This anti-Day Valentine’s practice is becoming increasingly common. In the end, what does having a special day for romantic love mean for businesses that don’t have any products that are related to it? Or just as many celebrate V-Day with token gifts and tokens of affection, others prefer to put a spin on the occasion. Who doesn’t love a good laugh amidst all the hearts and flowers for once?

7. Organize a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner

Finally, we make special mention of those businesses that have marked this date on their calendar: restaurants and hotels. Every successful restaurateur knows that the key is giving customers something special to celebrate this day of love – and with Wepik it can be as easy as downloading a template and putting it to use! From beautiful Valentine’s Day menu templates to romantic illustrations and more, our special collection is sure to inspire.

Valentine's Day menus mockup with 4 different designs with a lovely pinkish palette, fully made for restaurants to customize online

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Let’s recap!

Do you already have everything you need to entice your customers this Valentine’s Day?  Prepare your arrows and direct your new ideas straight to their heart!

  • Have ready a catalog of all your special promotions so that your clients can easily find them, including exclusive seasonal discounts to generate excitement.
  • Maintain your social media accounts up to date so that your followers are aware of all your Valentine’s Day news, and create user-generated content to keep your company on everyone’s mind.
  • Grant your customers a personalized gift.
  • Be open to new techniques, such as Anti-Valentine’s Day, to reach out to all types of customers, or embrace tradition in your restaurant business by preparing a delectable menu for customers who will surely not miss this day: couples in love!