Best time to post on YouTube: Boost your channel’s success

Picture this: you’ve just crafted the perfect YouTube video, poured your heart and soul into editing, and now it’s time to hit that “upload” button. But wait, before you do, have you ever wondered if there’s a secret sauce to ensure your masterpiece reaches the widest audience possible? Well, wonder no more—in today’s post, we’re spilling the beans on the best day and time to post on YouTube!

Timing isn’t just about the clock; it’s about unlocking the door to YouTube’s success. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting, knowing what’s the best time to post a YouTube video can make all the difference. Get ready to dive into the strategy and secrets of YouTube’s algorithm to skyrocket your content’s reach. Let’s turn those views into viral sensations! 

How YouTube’s algorithm works

Unlocking the YouTube algorithm’s secrets is like wielding a magic wand for content creators. Here’s the lowdown on what makes it tick and why timing matters:

  1. Watch Time: This is the total time viewers spend watching your videos. The longer, the better! YouTube wants to keep viewers glued to their screens, and high watch time signals engaging content.
  2. Engagement Metrics: Think likes, shares, and comments! YouTube craves interaction. The more engaging your video, the more YouTube will promote it to a wider audience.
  3. CTR (Click-Through Rate): CTR is all about that first impression—how many viewers click on your video after seeing it. A higher CTR means your thumbnail and title are a knockout combo!

Striking the right timing chord amplifies these factors, making your video a chart-topper on YouTube’s playlist. Sync your clock and conquer the algorithm!

3 factors that influence YouTube posting time

Okay, to make things easier, let’s compare this theory using a metaphor you’ll totally get: throwing a party or event! Check out these factors that will help you find the perfect time for your video premiere

Content type and industry

Scheduling your YouTube video is like hosting a party. You wouldn’t serve breakfast at a midnight bash, right? Similarly, a tutorial hits differently at high noon, a vlog feels just right post-dinner and educational stuff. Perfect with morning coffee! Aligning your post time with your content’s vibe is the secret sauce to serving up success.

Content types someone can upload to YouTube in order to achieve a good audience and views. The complete list showed in the image is:
Interview Q/A videos
Product reviews
Video testimonials
Animation videos 
Event videos
Brand films
Unboxing videos
Educational videos
Live streams
Recipe videos
Favorites videos
Video game videos
Collection videos
Comedy skits
Prank videos
Meme-based videos
Music videos

Time zone

Think of YouTube posting as a global dance-off. Your video’s the star, but you have to hit the stage when your audience is ready to groove! If you’re targeting a different time zone, no sweat! Use this funky time zone converter to sync your moves with their beat.

Demographic and target audience

Last but not least, picking the perfect moment to share your awesome YouTube video is just as important as serving pizza at a party. It all comes down to knowing your audience: if you’re trying to entertain the little ones, go for the afternoon. But if you’re after the night owls, evenings are where it’s at. So before you go and hit that “publish” button, ask yourself: “Who’s at the party and when are they ready to have a blast?”

YouTube release time recommendations

Here’s the million-dollar question (or in your case, how to get tons of followers and views): when is the best time to post on YouTube? Well, just like your favorite ice cream flavor, it’s different for everyone. Studies, surveys, and marketers all have their opinions, and the perfect timing can depend on the factors mentioned above.

Well, don’t panic already! We’ve got some awesome tips coming your way to help you find the best time to release your videos. We’re going to cover everything, and we’ll even talk about the worst day to post on YouTube. So, let’s get started!

In this image we can find listed the best hours to post a video on YouTube, starting with mornings and also going through afternoons and nights. It also shows the best times for the different industries.

Mornings vs. afternoons vs. evenings

Just awake, eating, or at night with snacks—just like choosing your outfit for the day, the timing sets the mood for your video’s success. Let’s break it down:

Mornings (6 AM – 12 PM)


  • Early Birds Catch the Views: Some viewers are early risers, and your video might be their first watch.
  • Less Competition: Fewer uploads mean less competition in the morning hours.


  • Sparse Traffic: Early birds might be few and far between for some niches.
  • Rising Slowly: It may take time to gain traction during the day.

Afternoons (12 PM – 6 PM)


  • Lunch Break Entertainment: Viewers often tune in during lunch breaks and downtime.
  • Balanced Engagement: This period balances engagement and competition.


  • Midday Lull: Mid-afternoon might see a slight dip in viewership.

Evenings (6 PM – 9 PM)


  • Prime Time: The evening is a peak time to post, endorsed by 23% of marketers.
  • After-Work Audience: More viewers are available and eager to watch.


  • Peak Competition: Your video faces stiffer competition in the evening rush.

Weekdays vs. weekends

In this case, it’s all about knowing your audience. Maybe your viewers love a midweek pick-me-up, or perhaps they prefer a Sunday chill session. No matter what type of crowd you’re dealing with, we’ve got something rad to kick things off:

Weekdays (Monday to Friday)


  • Business Buzz: Weekdays have higher engagement due to the working crowd taking breaks and seeking a video escape.
  • Friday Fun: Fridays, in particular, stand out, with 18% of marketers giving it the thumbs up.
  • Consistency: Regular posting on weekdays helps build anticipation and routine for your audience.


  • Competition: You’re up against more content on these days, so your video might get lost in the shuffle.
  • Early Birds: 6-9 AM is the dark zone; marketers often suggest steering clear of this time.

Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)


  • Chill Mode: Viewers have more time to explore, leading to longer watch times.
  • Saturday Surprises: 16% of marketers hail Saturday as the prime time to post.


  • Lower Engagement: Although Saturdays shine, Sundays tend to be quieter.
  • Variable Audiences: Weekend audiences might not fit every niche.

Pros and cons of peak times

Peak times on YouTube, much like the rush hour traffic, can be both a golden opportunity and a bit of a jungle. Sure, it’s a high-stakes game with the potential for maximum exposure and riding the hype wave, but it’s also when everyone’s vying for attention

On the flip side, posting during non-peak hours might offer a quieter stage, making it easier for your video to shine. But don’t rule out the peaks entirely—sometimes, a little rush can be just what your content needs to take off! If you need even more, check out our article on The best times to post on social media, and get the most engagement.

How to find the best time to upload on YouTube?

So now that you’ve got the awesome YouTube posting manual, it’s time to dig into your audience. Lucky for you, YouTube gives you some sweet info on your posts. Look at the first 24 hours like a goldmine and keep track of those views and trends. That’ll help you figure out your own winning formula.

But wait, there’s more! Dive into the world of testing and get creative with different days, times, and situations. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, during a holiday or special event, think of it as running fun and tasty experiments. As you crack this puzzle, you’ll discover the answer to when’s the best time to upload a YouTube video.

YouTube offers an analytics tool that can show you the peak hours in order to achieve a publishing time that better suits your company and product.

Wrapping up

During this post, we’ve journeyed through the content, the timing, the existing theories and studies, and so on. Nevertheless, in the grand YouTube universe, adjustment is your secret note. Change is your best friend here, so evolve, test, adapt, and thrive! Remember, it’s not just about when, it’s about how you engage your audience and the quality you bring to the table. See you in the next video!