Black Friday and Cyber Monday templates for your marketing strategy

Bags? Check. Keys? Prepared. And last but not least, wallets? Ready! The shopping season has finally arrived, and we must be prepared!

Just as the year is coming to an end, the Friday following Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. It traditionally marks the start of the much-anticipated Christmas shopping season in the United States. Many stores and businesses advertise huge discounted sales and can even open early, sometimes as early as midnight! Some stores extend their sales until the next Monday, which is commonly known as Cyber Monday.

Making sure that your business is in the spotlight on this remarkable date relies on a marketing strategy. But don’t worry! We can set it up in the blink of an eye!

Creating a Black Friday marketing strategy for small businesses

When we talk about marketing strategies, it may appear to be a mystery that is impossible to solve, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! It simply refers to the planning and organization of how this event will impact our business and how to let customers know about the special deals and discounts you offer.

Our first tip — write it down — is to share all this Black Friday information in your small business using visually appealing templates. Let’s get all those Black Friday marketing ideas flowing!

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Create expectations around your sales

When your customers are aware that your products and services are about to be discounted, they will be on the lookout for them. In other words, you can use this to your advantage to promote the upcoming deals and offers during the previous week.

In marketing, this is known as FOMO, which stands for the fear of missing out — a sense of being out of the loop or missing out on information, events, experiences, or life decisions that could improve one’s life. Like buying that TV at that price or that pair of jeans!

Promote your sales on and offline

Advertising your business both online and offline is a must when it comes to the long-awaited shopping season. Besides being a way to share your content with a wider audience, online marketing is always easier and cheaper when we get our hands on the right tools. 

On the other hand, offline marketing is a great way to enhance your small business’ appearance and presence with very little cost — printing posters, flyers, and cards — and will serve as a great way to make pedestrians stop by and take a look at your shop!

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Define the length of your sales period

Nowadays, it’s no secret that these festivities and events take way more than the day itself! Just as it happens with Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can last a week or even half a month. 

Setting up a strategy on how long the discounts and events will be taking the spotlight in your small business will help you tremendously. As well as including additional events, such as Small Business Saturday, defining a certain number of days will be beneficial for your goals, and it’ll provide an easier way to communicate with your customers.

Collaborate with other local businesses

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much! This can be applied to all things in life, so how about finding an unexpected collaboration for this year’s Black Friday sales? 

Maybe a partnership with a local coffee shop or pizza restaurant by setting up a pop-up store. But also with nearby malls by handing out unique coupons available by buying in your business! The possibilities are truly endless. Get to know the small businesses within your community, talk to them and develop great ideas that will surely attract all eyes.

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The best templates for your sales

Let’s unveil the most powerful, efficient, and effortless tool to get your sales skyrocketing! A pre-made template will be a great way to share professional content with very little time and basic graphic design knowledge. Let’s dive in!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Instagram templates

Instagram is always the place to be! Especially when the sale and discount season is coming — meaning that you can use this platform to advertise unique codes or offers with your followers. Explore our selection of templates, suitable for Instagram posts, Instagram stories, reels, and even ads! Set up specific campaigns and include incredible designs in the templates that your potential customers will see and love.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday social media posts collage that gather a wide range of editable templates for Instagram, facebook and stories from Wepik
Selection of Black Friday & Cyber Monday Instagram templates by Wepik

Black Friday & Cyber Monday sign templates

Oh, oh! Any special issues or messages that you have to let your clients know? Signs are your to-go option if you want to share additional information. Some examples? Sure thing! How about sharing special discounts, time-framed flash offers, or even access and exits to your shop? Black Friday can get shops a bit crowded, and signalizing everything will give our clients the best experience while shopping.

Cyber Monday sales sign template with a purple background and pink, blue color details

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday flyer templates

Extra! Great Black Friday deals and offers are awaiting at this store! Feeling it? Flyers are still a top tool in the world of marketing to engage with customers and share information in a fast, efficient, and visual way. While you can use flyers online as well, we highly recommend printing and sharing them with your community and neighboring stores and businesses. Use a flyer with a simple, gradient, or modern design, as you wish. Maybe leave some of them at a nearby café!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday flyer templates collage with 4 top flyers from Wepik's collection with purple, black, blue and red backgrounds and sales messages on the texts
Selection of editable Black Friday & Cyber Monday flyer templates by Wepik

Black Friday & Cyber Monday poster templates

Give the facades and exteriors of your business an exclusive decoration with special and customized Black Friday posters and Cyber Monday design. There are limitless options to share your offers, opening hours, deals, and any additional information you want to let your clients know. How about preparing a poster for each day of your sales? That way, they’ll know at first glance what’s cooking up that day in your business.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday poster templates collage with two amazing editable templates with black and blue backgrounds and sales messages on them
Online editable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Poster templates by Wepik

Black Friday & Cyber Monday price list templates

Don’t underestimate the power of a Black Friday price list to amp up your Black Friday campaign. Just list your discounted items, their regular prices, and their special Black Friday prices. This will show customers exactly how much they’re saving and tempt them to make impulsive purchases. Remember, simplicity and transparency are crucial during this fast-paced shopping season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday price list template collage

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday brochure templates

Remember when brochures were all the rage? Well, they’re making a comeback… with a digital twist! A Black Friday brochure acts as an irresistible guide for shoppers. It’s like having your own virtual storefront that will captivate customers with just a click. All you have to do is showcase your best deals and voilà! You’ve got a traffic magnet that makes navigating through your Black Friday offers a breeze.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday brochure collage

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday banner templates

Finally, how could we forget this useful tool in an event like this? A well-designed Black Friday banner is the perfect way to catch people’s interest and drive them towards those irresistible offers. But hey, it’s not just about having a banner, it’s about using it effectively. Put them in all the right places — your website, social media channels, and even your email campaigns — and get ready to see those sales soar!

Black Friday banner templates collage

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Now that we’ve shared some vital Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing ideas and strategies, you’ll see how these marketing campaigns will increase your sales during this season!

Applying all the ideas shown, as well as the templates we recommended, will ensure your business’s highest revenue this sale season with fantastic holiday marketing ideas!