What is a branding package and what to include?

Have you ever scrolled through social media, mesmerized by a company’s entire aesthetic? From their cool website to the way they package their products, it all just fits together so nicely. That’s the power of a branding package. But what exactly goes into these amazing sets, and how can you achieve that level of visual and messaging harmony?

A brand package is way more than a collection of nice-looking images. It’s about showing off who your business is and what it dreams of becoming, helping your brand stand out as something remarkable. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to freshen things up, this article is for you. Let’s peel back the layers and discover what goes into branding packages.

What is a branding kit or package?

At its core, the question of “What is a branding kit?” takes us into a place where creativity and strategy hang out together. A branding kit, or brand package, captures the essence of what your company is and shares your story. Think of it as your business’s way of dressing up, from head to toe. In this case, it includes everything from your logo to the design of your business card, all wrapped up in a look that goes together perfectly, and it’s uniquely yours.

This kit mixes up elements like brand packaging design, corporate identity package elements, and branding and packaging design strategies. Like picking an outfit, every piece complements the next, ensuring your business always looks its very best. Yet, a branding package isn’t just about looking good but also about guaranteeing your company speaks the same language wherever it shows up, helping your brand pop into a busy market.

What is included in a branding package?

Navigating the world of branding can be daunting, especially for new ventures, and a small business branding package simplifies this journey. But what is included in a branding package? Let’s find it out:

Your logo is fundamental

This is the crown jewel of any branding package. Your logo is the face of your business—the very first thing that sticks in people’s minds. A standout logo needs to be memorable, versatile enough to look good anywhere, and quickly capture what your brand is all about. The package logo represents your brand’s personality across the board, from online presence to all your marketing materials. So, you really can’t just go with any logo. Choose wisely!

Create a brand color palette

Color speaks louder than words. It can stir up emotions, tell a story, and influence how people see your brand. Picking the right colors for your brand makes it shine and keeps everything looking consistent. Whether it’s the cozy feeling of red or the chill vibe of blue, every color plays a big part in linking with your audience on a deep, emotional level.

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This is an example of how a good brand color palette in a branding package can boost your business

Develop a brand typography

This detail might not always get the spotlight, but fonts do more than just sit there looking pretty. Choosing the perfect typography can truly lift your message, giving it the exact feel and clarity it needs. Fonts do more than catch your eye; they make sure your words are easy to read, versatile for various contexts, and showcase your brand’s style. They’re the subtle glue that ties your brand narrative together in your website, emails, or printed materials.

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More branded documents and templates

All the big stuff is never straightforward, and a branding kit is more than just the basics—it offers a whole playground of possibilities!

Social media graphics

Think of your social media as the way your brand says “hello” to the world daily. Using branded graphics on your social media makes every greeting not just the same old, but actually fun and eye-catching. These graphics are made just right for each platform, fitting perfectly whether it’s a LinkedIn post, a cool story on Instagram, or the cover of your top-notch podcast. They’re all about grabbing attention, sharing something interesting, so the online community remembers your company.

Promotional documents

Whether you’re working on posters, flyers, rack cards, or newsletter templates for your marketing, the promotional materials in your branding pack are crucial for showing off what you’ve got. They must be all made to match your business’s colors, fonts, and logos, ensuring every time you reach out to customers, it feels like it’s unmistakably you. These pieces are put together to grab attention, share all the must-know details, and get people moving, all while keeping that unique “you” vibe.

This is an example of a good branding package to boost your business


From invoices to letterheads, proposals, and reports, your stationery is often the first physical taste of your brand people get. The stationery designs in a branding kit make even the tiniest chat with your brand packs the punch of your whole identity. It’s all about mixing a bit of formality with your brand’s special touch, so every letter or card sent out is like a mini ambassador for your brand.

Ads templates

Having ad templates ready to go makes whipping up ads that are both pretty to look at and true to your brand a breeze. These templates are made to be super flexible, so you can tweak them to fit just right with whatever campaign you’re running without losing that consistent brand feel. This way, no matter where it’s shown or what it looks like, your ads get your brand’s message across clearly and stick in everyone’s eyes.

Starting your branding journey with a complete package lays the groundwork for a consistent identity that clicks with your audience. From the first logo sketch to the last touches of your ad design, every piece builds up to a brand that feels totally together and unforgettable. We can’t wait to see what your brand will bring to the table!