Brand building with social media

Imagine you’re in the heart of a lively market, with every stall bursting with colors and wagering to catch your eye. This picture is pretty much what it feels like on social media platforms, where each company is vying for a moment in the spotlight. So, you have this fantastic product or service, but the challenge of your social media branding is: how do you shape that into a personality that clicks with the online crowd?

Today, we tackle the big question of how to build a brand on social media. Whether you’re a bakery with the tastiest cupcakes in town or a boutique known for one-of-a-kind handmade crafts, this guide is your ticket to elevate your social media and branding from just good to “wow, this business is amazing!”. Let’s get started!

What is social media branding?

To understand the social media presence meaning, you need to consider your online profiles as the digital equivalent of a shop window. It’s your very own slice of the internet where people discover you, sample your essence, and become avid supporters—all without stepping foot into your retail. Much like a physical store requires a catchy name and welcoming displays, your social media channels need that branding touch to truly shine

This process isn’t just about being visible by posting regularly; it’s about weaving your company’s personality, core values, and mission through every tweet, post, and story you share. Social media branding is the magic that turns your brand presence from simply existing to creating meaningful, enduring impacts. Getting a grip on how social media and branding complement each other is your stepping stone to forging a deep and lasting connection with your audience.

How can I apply social media branding to my business?

Embarking on the journey of branding your business on social media might seem daunting at first, but it’s not rocket science. Combining a solid brand image with an active social media strategy creates a magnetic digital atmosphere for your company, attracting and retaining customer interest. Let’s explore how you can apply social media branding to give your business that extra edge:

Craft a brand identity

When you choose your outfit, you don’t choose your clothes at random. In the same way, you don’t just settle for any logo, color, or aesthetics for your company. Encapsulate the essence of your business in every visual aspect, and make it strong, confident, and unmistakably you. Think of it as your virtual introduction to the world—it’s the first step in ensuring that every time your brand is there, it’s not just seen but remembered. 

If you’re looking for some amazing branding tips to get started, take a look at our blog article about Branding tips for small businesses for some insightful guidance.

Crafting a brand identity is a good marketing strategy for your social media profiles to elevate your online business presence.

Specify a tone of voice for your brand

Your brand tone of voice is essentially your business’s personality translated into words. It shapes the way you communicate with your audience and convey your message. Whether you opt for a laid-back and approachable tone, or for a formal and professional one, the key is sticking to that vibe in all your chats and posts. This consistency makes your company feel like a reliable and enjoyable entity for your clients, carving out a distinct space in the noisy social media environment.

Specifying a tone of voice for your brand is a good marketing strategy for your social media profiles to elevate your online business presence.

Set your brand guidelines

Brand guidelines act as your professional cookbook. They detail the unique blend of your visual and verbal style, guaranteeing that every post, reply, and campaign is infused with your essence, and maintaining steadiness and coherence wherever you show up. From your logo’s placement to the filter on your photos, it feels familiar and recognizable no matter where your business pops up. It’s like making sure your signature dish tastes the same, whether you’re cooking at home or at a friend’s place.

Setting brand guidelines is a good marketing strategy for your social media profiles to elevate your online business presence.

Build a social media strategy

Building a social media strategy is like tracking a roadmap to success. Setting goals, targeting your audience, and planning your posts ahead of time means you won’t end up lost on the side of the digital highway. With great social media brand management, you’re all set to whip up content that doesn’t just turn heads but also wins hearts and keeps them coming back for more.

Build a social media strategy for your company social media profiles, and elevate your online business presence.

Choose relevant social media

Not all social media platforms are created equal, and you don’t need to be everywhere at once—each platform has its own strengths and attracts different groups of people. Pick the spots where your ideal audience loves to spend their time, and choose those that vibe with your goals and message. By focusing your energy on the platforms that best match your brand, your hard work will pay off, stay sharp, and help you grow a vibrant community around your business.

Choosing relevant social media is a good marketing strategy for your social media profiles to elevate your online business presence.

Optimize your social profiles

First impressions count for a lot—an optimized profile boosts your visibility and encourages more interactions. Aim for an appealing feed, a profile pic that stands out, a bio that conveys your company’s story, and sprinkle in some relevant keywords. And of course, remember to double-check that your contact information is up-to-date. This way, when people visit you online, they’ll be greeted with a warm and familiar vibe that makes them feel right at home.

On Wepik’s blog, we’ve given plenty of tips on maximizing each social network’s potential. Learn how to boost your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok profiles for your business, and really make them known-worthy.

Optimizing your social profiles is a good marketing strategy for your social media profiles to elevate your online business presence.

Create high-quality content

High-quality content is the fuel for your social media branding engine. The stories you tell, the images you share, and the videos you broadcast should captivate, provide value, and mirror your business’s soul. It’s the steady stream of compelling content that makes people pause, take notice, and tune in, transforming your company profile into a favorite spot for insights, entertainment, or motivation within your field. Always prioritize quality over quantity—that’s the secret to cultivating a dedicated audience.

Looking for design inspiration? Wepik offers a vast collection of top-tier templates for any of your social media profile, from Instagram posts to stories, Facebook posts, and even YouTube banners. Find the perfect match for you!

Creating high-quality content is a good marketing strategy for your social media profiles to elevate your online business presence.

Engage with your community

Social media is more like a two-way radio than a loudspeaker. Engaging with your community means actually talking with them, not at them. Share stories from your customers, invite feedback, and jump into discussions that matter. Don’t forget to respond to their questions, join in on the laughter with their jokes, and perhaps share some of your own. The goal is to forge connections, ignite chats, and let your followers see the real faces behind your brand.

Brand building with social media: engage with your community

Go beyond “likes” and “shares”

Don’t go easy—fostering real connections on social media is about more than just casual likes and shares. Build real links with tactics like showcasing strong brand social reviews to enhance credibility, hosting social media events that unite your community, leveraging influencer marketing, and crafting press releases that highlight your milestones. These strategies elevate your social media presence from a mere advertisement space into a lively hub of thoughts and real exchanges.

Going beyond "likes" and "shares" is a good marketing strategy for your social media profiles to elevate your online business presence.

Track your social media’s growth

Monitoring your growth on social media is similar to tracking your progress in a fitness app. Your social media tracking must be based on tangible outcomes such as engagement rates, follower growth, and how well each post performs. This social media data analytics sheds light on what truly clicks with your audience and highlights opportunities for enhancement, so your efforts are not just a wild ride but a journey with purpose. Check our Social media metrics guide to interpret data, and pick up effective strategies to take your profiles to the top.

Tracking your social media's growth is a good marketing strategy for your social media profiles to elevate your online business presence.

By striking a balance between being laid-back and tactical, you can turn your brand into a hot topic on social media. Embrace boldness, stay consistent, and remain true to yourself. Ready, set, brand!