Business card sizes complete guide 2024

Isn’t it crucial to create an impactful first impression, especially in the corporate arena? Without a doubt, a business card holds immense power in attracting potential clients, whether you’re a seasoned industry player or a budding entrepreneur. However, before you unleash your creative prowess, let’s discuss the significance of size – as each has its unique charm, catering to specific business needs.

Are you looking for a standard business card size? Or maybe you want something that will make an impression? Consider this guide your trusty GPS, guiding you on a journey through the intricacies of business card dimensions and revealing the insider tips to ensure your card stands out. Forget shuffling through a poker hand of mismatched cards—deal the winning hand with the perfect business card size!

Business card type size – what are the dimensions of a business card?

Have you ever stopped to ponder why these small rectangles hold such power? A business card goes beyond being a simple piece of paper; it represents your brand and serves as a tangible representation of your professional image. It’s almost like extending a handshake to your business. And make no mistake – every aspect, even the size, carries weight

So, what is the size of a business card? What are the dimensions of a standard business card? This isn’t just a matter of confusion, it’s about crafting a customized introduction that reflects your brand’s personality. From slim and sleek to bold and impactful, each size serves a unique purpose. Then, the answer to the question of how big is a business card depends on how big you want your statement to be, or better said, need to be. Take a look at your different options available:

Find in this graphic all the dimensions standardized for a business card size

Horizontal or standard business card sizes

Introducing the timeless classic, universally embraced. Ideal for all professions, the horizontal business card size effortlessly slips into wallets and holders, making it the perfect option for any occasion or get-together. And with its landscape orientation, there’s plenty of room for all the essential information without ever feeling cramped. Think of it as a reliable friend—this card always guarantees a polished appearance without compromising on practicality.

 89 x 51 mm  |  3.5 x 2 in  |  1050 x 600 px

Vertical business cards

Transform the traditional by opting for a vertical layout, and inject a modern touch to your marketing moves. The unique vertical business card size instantly sets you apart from the pile, making it a top choice in creative industries where making a statement is key. With this portrait orientation, you’ll have the perfect canvas for showcasing captivating graphics and distinctive fonts, making a lasting impact on potential clients.

 51 x 89 mm  |  2 x 3.5 in  |  600 x 1050 px

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Square business cards

With its contemporary and minimalist design, the square business card size is not only unforgettable, but it’s also excellent for tech startups, fashion brands, or any company looking for a big impact. Its compact dimensions make it convenient to carry in your pocket, while its unique shape draws attention at trendy gatherings or virtual networking events. And offering equal sides, it offers the ideal canvas for showcasing your one-of-a-kind design.

 51 x 51 mm  |  2 x 2 in  |  600 x 600 px

Folded business cards

Imagine having a solid, yet impactful portfolio or irresistible offer in the palm of your hand. This is precisely what the folded business card size offers! With enough space to display your products, services, or engaging descriptions, it’s the foolproof solution for real estate agents, consultants, or anyone with a compelling narrative to share. This mini brochure effortlessly unfolds a world of possibilities, making it a must-have for business purposes. 

 89 x 102 mm  |  3.5 x 4 in  |  1050 x 1200 px

Slim business cards

The saying “less is more” truly applies when it comes to slim business card size. There’s something elegant about the slim, compact size that exudes a minimalist vibe. Not to mention, its sleek structure easily fits into wallets without creating any unsightly bulges. These cards are a go-to for sophisticated professionals who appreciate sophistication and simplicity in their branding

 38 x 89 mm  | 1.5 x 3.5 in  |  450 x 1050 px

Quick business card sizes summary

Business card type Euro size (millimeters) U.S. size (inches) Pixels
Horizontal (standard) 89 x 51 mm 3.5 x 2 in 1050 x 600 px
Vertical 51 x 89 mm 2 x 3.5 in 600 x 1050 px
Square 51 x 51 mm 2 x 2 in 600 x 600 px
Folded 89 x 102 mm 3.5 x 4 in 1050 x 1200 px
Slim 38 x 89 mm 1.5 x 3.5 in 450 x 1050 px

Get inspired with free business card templates

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Business card printing advice

Congratulations on selecting the perfect size and crafting a masterpiece! However, before we break out the confetti, it’s important to consider the role of printing in this process. Here are 5 printing tips that ensure your business cards transition from screen to reality flawlessly:

  • High-resolution matters: Ensure your design has a high resolution. Blurry images scream unprofessional, so use images at least 300 dpi for crisp printing.
  • Mind the margins: Don’t let crucial information be cut off! Include bleed marks to ensure your card looks stunning even after cutting.
  • Choose readable fonts: Keep it clean and simple in your font choice for maximum clarity and readability. Stay away from overly ornate fonts, especially for smaller sizes. 
  • Proofreading consciousness: Typos are like tiny saboteurs that may ruin your linking work. Double (or even triple!) check your spelling, grammar, and contact information before hitting print.
  • Trust in paper power: Don’t skimp on quality! Choose thick, sturdy paper that reflects your brand and feels good in hand. Also, consider textured or specialty papers for a unique touch.

Remember: your card is an extension of your brand, so make it count! By mastering these printing techniques, not only will your business cards make a visual impact, but they will also grab the attention of anyone who holds them.

Now armed with the knowledge of business card dimensions and printing tips, take your brand to new heights. Check out Wepik’s wide range of personalized templates for not just business cards, but also for an assortment of promotional materials. Elevate your brand effortlessly today, faster!