ID card sizes complete guide 2024

Feeling lost in the world of ID cards? We get it – we understand how confusing it can be, especially when it comes to proportions. The size you choose can really impact how your ID card works and looks. So, how can you figure it out? Let Wepik be your guide!

In this blog, we’ll unravel the secrets of dimensions, teach you how to use them, and share tips to help you answer the never-ending question of what is the size of an ID card. Plus, we’ve got amazing ID Card designs to make your dream card a reality. Let’s dive in!

Main types of ID cards – how to choose the right one?

Dive into the diverse types of ID cards! Let’s boldly navigate this field and pinpoint your ideal match.

Business or employee ID cards

You’ve definitely spotted these cards before, haven’t you? Well, more than just plastic, these ID cards are like the magic keys that grant access to the office and instantly identify yourself. Every business needs them, big or small, because they have your name, picture, and job title.

Modern and simple business ID card template with a blue color palette and geometric shapes.

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School ID cards

Introducing the ultimate accessory for students! These cards are your all-access pass to everything you need for school – classes, libraries, and awesome events. With your name, photo, and grade level at the ready, these cool cards are a must-have from pre-K to Ph.D.

ID card with a grid background and a cute picture of a child student in the middle. It contains hand-drawn details all over its design.

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Medical ID cards

Medical ID cards can be your personal health bodyguard. Stowing crucial data like your name, health conditions, and emergency contacts, they’re indispensable in any situation. Here’s to these small yet mighty cards that play a big role in our health and safety when it truly counts!

Minimalist, blue and white ID card template for nurses. It contains a picture of a nurse in the top part and a QR code bottom part of the design.

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Vertical ID cards

Flipped 90 degrees for a fresh perspective, these cards are perfect for networking events or workplaces. They’re all making a statement – with your picture, name, and important info front and center, you’ll definitely grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

Electrician ID card with a dark blue and orange color palette. It contains a picture of the worker on the top side and an identification code at the bottom.

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Horizontal ID cards

And let’s finish with the classics! Laid out in landscape, these cards are your go-to for offices or facilities. Displaying your photo, name, and essential details in a wide format, they’re designed for quick recognition and easy handling.

What are the standard sizes for ID cards?

Ready to decode the ID card dimensions? Now we’re about to dive into the nitty-gritty of the standard size ID card, exploring the ins and outs of those elusive ID size dimensions. Hang tight!

Infographic on the main sizes of an ID card.

CR80 (standard ID card size)

When it comes to identification needs, CR80 is the go-to choice. From driver’s licenses to membership cards, this is the real deal. With its universal fit and familiar feel, it’s the top pick for those who value practicality and professionalism.

 3.375″ x 2.125″  |  8.573 x 5.398 cm      

CR79 ID cards size

Looking for a small but mighty ID solution? Meet CR79, the smaller sibling of CR80. Perfect for access control cards and proximity badges, this petite powerhouse packs a punch. Don’t underestimate its size – it’s the ideal choice for those who want a functional and space-saving ID solution.

3.303″ x 2.051″  |  8.390 x 5.210 cm             

CR100 ID card size

CR100 is the big brother of the ID family.  It’s ideal for visitor badges and event passes, making visibility a top priority. The CR100 is not just your run-of-the-mill ID – it’s a must-have accessory for those who like to go big and bold

 3.88″ x 2.63″  |  9.865 x 6.68 cm

Quick ID card sizes summary

Poster type Euro size (centimeters) U.S. size (inches) Pixels
CR79 8.390 x 5.210 cm    3.303 x 2.051 in     317.09 x 196.9 px
CR80 (standard) 8.573 x 5.398 cm  3.375 x 2.125 in     324 x 204 px
CR100 9.865 x 6.68 cm  3.88 x 2.63 in      372.5 x 252.5 px

Get inspired with free ID cards templates

Armed with the know-how of ID card sizes, you’re all set to conquer the design world! Get inspired and start creating using our stunning designs – let your ideas flow and craft something truly unique. Want to give them a try? Visit Wepik’s ID Card templates and let your creativity soar for free. 

ID cards printing tips

Need tips to make your ID card look flawless? Here’s how to set ID card size for printing!

  1. Start with a Template: Why start from scratch? Use any of our free ID Card templates and kick-start your design journey.
  2. Select the Right Size: Size matters! Choose the perfect ID card size that fits your needs.
  3. Match Colors with Your Branding: Keep it consistent! Ensure your ID card colors sync up with your brand identity.
  4. Adjust Fonts and Colors: Make it pop! Opt for fonts and colors that are easy to read yet reflect your brand’s personality.
  5. Print on the Right Paper: Quality counts! Go for sturdy materials like PVC when printing your ID cards to ensure longevity.


That’s it, folks! Now, it’s time to rock those ID cards. Head over to Wepik and let your creativity shine. Remember, a great ID card starts with you!