5 small business Halloween marketing ideas

The spookiest of seasons is finally here — Get your pumpkins, Jack-o’-lanterns, costumes, and scary decorations down from the attic, but leave the spiderwebs on!

Halloween is a festivity that has taken over the world and is celebrated not only by dressed-up children or families at their neighbors, but also by the vast majority of businesses and corporations. Every business adapts Halloween to its own needs, whether it’s by dressing up, sharing special deals and discounts, or sharing season drinks and sweets.

Let’s share some helpful hints and tips for having the best trick-or-treat season ever!

Plan a Halloween Marketing Campaign with your Graphics

Okay, how do we plan a marketing campaign? First things first, we have to find a platform where designing and creating these graphics can be done quickly and easily. The answer to that — Wepik’s online editor, where you can type “Halloween” on the search bar, and tons of Halloween designs will pop up. Now it’ll be up to you to choose the formats that adapt to your business best. 

Meaning — is it all going to be social media? Find and customize Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more templates for diverse social platforms. Pick stories, posts, banners, and profile pictures to give them a spooky look. It’s possible that your business also requires some printed information, but don’t worry! You can customize and download brochures, flyers, posters, calendars, and so on. 

Once your strategy is set, let’s dive in!

Halloween Flyer Templates

“Extra, extra! The scariest of seasons is finally here, but it comes with the most calming discounts!” See where we’re going? Find a nice flyer template with Halloween motives and customize every aspect of it, meaning that you can give it a unique touch with some original quotes, or trivia that only your most devoted customers will get!

Collection of Halloween Flyer editable templates from Wepik's collection

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Halloween Menu Templates

Oh-oh, who would’ve thought that ghosts, vampires, and many spooky creatures would get so hungry and bloodthirsty on Halloween eve? Catch their attention with a menu tailored for this special occasion. Select a design, import all your dishes, and drinks —  maybe even give them a unique scary nickname! — include the title of your business, add your logo, and be ready to lay the table for the scariest beings on the scariest night!

Collection of Halloween Menu editable templates from Wepik

Get Halloween Restaurant Menu Template

Halloween Gift Tag Templates

Aw! What an adorable little detail to include in your everyday gestures with your clients! Halloween gift tags are tiny pieces of paper that can include illustrations on one side and additional information on the other, such as discounts, special codes, and even the name of your customer. Print a few of them and use them in your products, no matter what they are!

Collection of Halloween Gift Tags editable templates from Wepik

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Halloween Sign Templates

Stop! On such a terrifying night, all signs should be read and taken into consideration. If your business has a special sign at the door, people will surely drop by and take a few moments to read it. However, the world of signs begins at the doorway! Customize and select those that will be signalizing forbidden or out-of-order things, perhaps even one to point at the nearest toilet—or unfortunately, the one out of order. Imagination is the limit when it comes to making everything Halloween-ish!

Halloween sale sign template with a purple and black background and a pumpkin drawing in the middle

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Halloween YouTube Banner Templates

A captivating and seasonally themed YouTube banner not only sets the eerie mood but also instantly communicates to visitors that your business is up to something special for the spookiest time of the year. This visual branding element serves to increase the likelihood of engagement, and reinforcing your brand’s commitment to the holiday spirit. It’s a powerful way to create a cohesive and immersive experience, fostering a sense of connection and anticipation among your audience, ultimately boosting the impact of your Halloween marketing efforts on YouTube.

An editable YouTube Banner with Halloween theme

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Halloween Invitation Templates

Halloween invitation templates serve as an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to promote their Halloween-themed activities and offerings. These templates not only save time and resources but also ensure a consistent, professionally designed look that captures the essence of Halloween. By providing a visually enticing, easily shareable invitation, you create a sense of excitement and anticipation among your target audience, increasing the likelihood of participation in your spookiest event

Furthermore, a well-designed template can be tailored to match your brand’s identity, reinforcing your business’s unique personality while making it easier for your customers to identify and engage with your Halloween campaigns. In essence, these templates are a creative and cost-effective way to ensure your business stands out during this spirited season, forging a memorable connection with your customers.

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Announce Unique Discounts & Offers

Halloween takes over the streets of cities all over the world during the month of October, building up and getting ready for the very last day of big celebrations. Why not take advantage of this and share unique offers and deals throughout the month? Increase and get your sales up with the help of templates, and watch how people feel more connected to your business.

Throw a Halloween Party

Hosting a Halloween party for your small business can be a great strategy to captivate your audience and cast a memorable brand impression. With the power of social media at your fingertips, you can conjure up excitement and anticipation by promoting your event online. Share spine-tingling teasers, sneak peeks of the eerie decor, and enticing giveaways to keep your audience under your marketing spell. Create a buzz-worthy hashtag to draw even more attention and encourage user-generated content that can be a cauldron of delight for your brand’s online presence.

But the magic doesn’t stop at the digital realm. To ensure your marketing potion reaches far and wide, design captivating posters and banners to hang in your local community, making your party an event everyone will be dying to attend. Plus, take it a step further by creating Halloween-themed T-shirts for your team to wear during the event, turning them into living billboards for your brand. This immersive approach not only promotes your business but also fosters a sense of community, encouraging stronger connections with your customers. This Halloween season, let your small business thrive with a party that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of all who dare to enter.

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Spooky Social Media Ideas for Halloween

Prepare to have a terrifying time around here, because your social media should be as frightening as the night celebrating! Don’t be afraid to share the mysterious corners of your venue. Perhaps tell the story of the ancient monster that lives in the warehouse — and if you don’t have one, now you do! — Engage with your employees in the fun of sharing stories, adventures, and mysteries that will be revealed on the 31st.

super cute mockup of a ghost image surrounded by halloween decorations
Mockup provided by Jokiewalker for Freepik Company

Decorate your Store, Shop, or Venue

Oh wait, you thought your business wouldn’t be decorated? Sike! This is one of the things that customers and potential clients will value most when they shop or get to know your business. So bring in the pumpkins, ghosts, cauldrons, spiderwebs, white sheets, and fake blood. Make it even more memorable by providing specially designed printables and information available to the customers, such as QR codes with extra information, games, and even riddles.

Collection of possible decorations for different business venues on halloween
Photos provided by Vovatol, Wirestock and Dikushin for Freepik Company

Some Extra Halloween Marketing & Promotion Ideas

Are you looking for more inspiration? We are delighted to share some promotion ideas with you.

  • Give Halloween treats to your customers
  • Organize a Halloween trivia contest
  • Create a Halloween Spotify music list
  • Set up a scary makeup spot
  • Join other events
  • Prepare something with your community
  • Create horror stories featuring your products as the main characters and share them!

Now it’s time to get moving and make plans for the coming month! Remember, on trick-or-treat day be ready for everything, and as the saying goes “The dead rise again, bats fly, terror strikes and screams echo, for tonight it’s Halloween.” 

Take care and see you in the next post!