+15 TOP AI tools everyone can use

Ready to bring your business into the Artificial Intelligence age? Having a hard time knowing where to start, or what tools you need? Don’t worry, our blog post has got all the answers! Entering the world of AI can be daunting, but with these top +15 picks for awesome AI tech and services, it’s easier than ever. Get ready—it’s time to take your small biz from basic back-office operations straight into robot land!

If you’re looking to give your biz an edge in the tech-world, then look no further than natural language processing, machine learning algorithms and image generators. These powerful tools will help make customer data faster to analyze and unlock hidden information from sales records — all making for pro-looking materials that’ll leave the competition behind! Let’s get started on this cutting-edge journey today!


Just imagine: You no longer need an artist or designer! Wepik’s AI Image Generator makes it extremely simple for anyone to create great images. Its AI tools are extremely quick, and its search feature can quickly find the ideal pictures without the use of any specific expertise. What’s more, if you get stuck, their text-to-image generator will materialize like magic and create custom images based on your prompts! Why wait when you’ll be producing high-quality brand identities in no time? Now is the time to be creative with Wepik!

Wepik's online interface as an artificial intelligence tool


With its impressive AI capabilities, DALL-E 2 is revolutionizing the way we create content. Think of it like a modern day “Genie in the Lamp”—just speak your command and marvel as stunning visuals magically appear! From videos to voice commands, no coding experience is needed—businesses can generate custom images with minimal effort for maximum results on their most pressing tasks.


Say goodbye to those days of staring at an empty page for hours trying to make it perfect. Enter Jasper — (formerly Jarvis) the AI that does all your written work for you! With top-notch natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, this platform allows you to create compelling content in a jiffy and get published with confidence as its autocorrect tool has got everything sorted out. So don’t sweat over writing – let Jasper take up your pen!


Unlock your business’s AI potential with Chatfuel. Experience interactive conversations tailored to delight customers without spending a fortune. Their tools, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), help you develop custom bots and integrate them into chat systems like Facebook or Instagram Messenger — super simple and easy to set up!

Chatfuel's online interface as an artificial intelligence tool


Are you ready to take your writing from the mundane of today’s world and elevate it to Shakespearean levels? Grammarly can be that extra set of eyes, utilizing AI-powering technology for high-precision grammar and spell checking. With its automated edits, suggestions, and explanations, users will not only repair mistakes quickly, but will also receive personalized feedback to help them become better writers over time!

Generative engine

Tired of spending hours upon hours producing content that just doesn’t cut it? Generative Engine is here to save the day! It’s an AI-powered platform with sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, designed to streamline your workflow. In a fraction of the time you’d normally spend creating content, this amazing tool can generate captivating articles or blog posts tailored precisely for your target audience – plus give valuable insights into their interests and user behavior trends. And did we mention all while growing your business in leaps and bounds? Don’t miss out on leveraging cutting-edge technology. 

Legal robot

Say goodbye to tedious contract work and let Legal Robot do the heavy lifting! This AI-focused platform is chock-full of helpful features, like natural language processing algorithms that create legally airtight documents in no time. Plus, it even offers automated analysis, so you don’t have any legal mishaps hiding within existing contracts — leaving more time for those important business decisions. With Legal Robot’s speedy solutions and a guarantee of accuracy – your worries about staying compliant just flew out the window!

Deep beat

With DeepBeat, you can become the next Mozart without spending a dime! This AI-powered music platform uses NLP to compose original tunes fit for symphony halls. Just provide some basic input and let the fun begin—DeepBeat will generate creative melodies, rhythms, and harmonies tailored just for you. And if that’s not enough to get your feet tapping away, there are interactive tutorials available too, so even beginners can make high-quality tracks in no time at all!

Grammarly's online interface as an artificial intelligence tool


Notion.ai is the one-stop shop for organizing, capturing, and sharing your genius ideas! It’s got everything you need, from documents to spreadsheets and databases—all in an intuitive design with a super user-friendly interface. Plus, it syncs up perfectly with third-party apps so that collaboration on projects runs like clockwork and stress levels stay low. Get ready to unleash your creative superpower with Notion.ai!


Augmentir is your shortcut to a streamlined, efficient business. This AI-backed service platform’s powerful NLP algorithms understand what you need and quickly create custom solutions – no technical wizardry required! It’s like having an automation fairy godmother; Augmentir helps with everything from the initial deployment of processes through maintenance, so that all you have to do is sit back and reap the rewards.


Copy.ai keeps you at the cutting edge of technology while taking your content creation to warp speed! Thanks to its powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) and smart algorithms, it can handle any complex topic with ease while still giving users maximum control over their output. So if you want high-quality content quickly that’s both interesting and engaging—Copy. AI is exactly what you are looking for!


Get ready to automate your business success! Smartly.io is the ultimate AI-powered companion for any social media marketing campaign, giving you everything from automated bidding and creative optimization to audience segmentation and real-time data. Put simply, this nifty tool can help take those hard-earned ad dollars further by helping increase reach, boost performance across campaigns—all while making sure every penny counts!

Smartly's online interface as an artificial intelligence tool

Neural text

Got a mountain of customer feedback but aren’t sure how to interpret it? Enter NeutralText, the AI-powered platform set on revolutionizing your content creation process! Using machine learning algorithms and automatic language processing capabilities, this nifty tool analyzes customer sentiment, so you can craft effective messaging strategies without breaking a sweat. With NeutralText in your corner, producing high-quality content has never been easier—or faster!


Put your content marketing on autopilot with Fireflies! This AI-powered platform uses natural language processing algorithms to help businesses craft one-of-a-kind posts that capture their target audience’s attention. From comprehensive analytics reports, you’ll be able to understand what messages are resonating; plus generate tailored recommendations for blog articles, press releases and more. Basically — it’s like having a personal assistant who can create killer content just for you — how awesome is that?


Have you ever felt like trying to track down the data and information your team needs is a bit of an epic quest? Well, Mem.ai is here to be your knight in shining armor! This revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-based workspace makes it much simpler for teams and individuals alike—no manual effort is required! It allows quick access to all that precious knowledge by automatically organizing it into a user-friendly layout; as well as providing chat, video conferencing, and task management functions—plus file sharing too…allowing everyone’s ideas to flow freely with ease.


Unleash your inner wordsmith and revolutionize the way you write documents! Smartwriter.ai offers AI-powered assistance that will help take any project to new heights while saving time with its state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing technology. Tap into their machine learning capability today, and get ready for top-notch writing mastery!

Smartwriterai's online interface as an artificial intelligence tool


With Synthesia.io, the dream of becoming a video-making wiz is totally within reach! This AI-powered platform offers everything you need to know about crafting quality videos straight outta your imagination—natural language processing (NLP) tools for composition and editing, lessons on production basics if it’s all new territory for ya’, audio sharing options so that friends can add their bit as well…it doesn’t get any better than this! Imagine what amazing content YOU could create with just one try – no experience necessary.

Now that we’ve taken a stroll and discovered +15 AI tools, are you ready to get techie with your small business? You don’t even need a degree in computer science—these AI tools were designed for the modern, non-tech-savvy entrepreneur. So why not take advantage of what’s available and watch as your business takes off? It might be just the kickstart you’re looking for. 

Keep an eye out for Wepik’s blog post updates for more tips and tricks on Artificial Intelligence and small business!