What’s New – create presentations with artificial intelligence

Wepik, the online design platform, has launched a new tool that will revolutionize the way we create presentations. Thanks to its integrated Artificial Intelligence technology, this new AI Presentation Maker allows users to generate attractive and professional presentations in just a few minutes

The AI Presentation Maker is the perfect solution for those who want to create engaging presentations without spending hours designing them from scratch. Let’s explore how this innovative tool works and how it can benefit businesses and individuals alike!

To get started with it, just access our landing – where you’ll also find more information about it, along with some FAQs -, or find it within the “Features” drop-down, located in the top bar of the website. 

In just a few clicks, you can create amazing and professional-looking presentations for any topic imaginable. Choose from five distinct presentation styles – Simple, Doodle, Abstract Elegant, or Geometric – to craft the perfect message with your desired writing tone. Then, get ready and amaze yourself when you click “Generate Presentation”.

Explore the AI Presentation Maker

You will get a fantastic result in a few moments, with 100% Freepik Company’s graphic content in it and a base text on which you can work. The presentation will automatically open within the online editor, where you’ll be able to make any needed modifications, from the default text to any color or image. 

Once you’ve finished, you can access a variety of download formats and share options. Generate an impressive PDF copy as soon as possible, or project the final results live for all to see at once. With the “share” option enabled, spread the powerful result in no time by copying and pasting any automatically generated link.

As you can see, with this innovative tool, the possibilities to generate a presentation that fits your brand or business are infinite. The best part? That you will save lots of time to dedicate to other important tasks, and with zero stress. Ready to get started? Try it out now!