The complete guide to using YouTube hashtags

In the constantly evolving world of digital marketing, YouTube hashtags have emerged as an effective means to enhance your video’s visibility and reach in the vast online arena. But what exactly are YouTube hashtags, and how do they work? This post will take you on a journey to explore the realm of YouTube hashtags, delving into their significance, how to find the best ones, and most importantly, how to use them to your utmost advantage. So strap on your marketing hats and let’s get started!

What are YouTube hashtags?

They are essentially keywords or phrases marked by the hashtag (#) symbol. These help in categorizing your videos on YouTube, making them easily discoverable by users searching for content similar to yours. By simply adding relevant hashtags to your video’s title, description, or even in the video itself, you can tap into the power of improved discoverability! This targeted marketing strategy aids in reaching the right audience, thereby enhancing engagement. Hashtags also create a link to other videos that share the same tags, promoting a community of similar content and boosting your video’s visibility.

Screenshot that shows what are YouTube hashtags on its platform.

Why use YouTube hashtags

YouTube’s hashtags are like a GPS for your videos. They guide viewers right to your content amidst the ocean of videos on the platform. So, “are hashtags important on YouTube?” Definitely! They help categorize your video, making it easier to discover, and can even boost your views. It’s like leaving breadcrumbs for your audience to follow straight to your content.

Improved discoverability

Hashtags on YouTube are a fantastic tool for boosting your video’s discoverability. Think of them as helpful signposts guiding viewers to your content. By using hashtags that relate to your video, you’re making it easier for people searching those topics to find you. They neatly group your video into YouTube’s vast library, paving the way for interested viewers to discover your content. More visibility means more potential views and increased engagement – a win-win!

Targeted marketing

Hashtags are vital for YouTube content visibility, steering your videos towards audiences truly interested in your material. By employing hashtags strategically, you can narrow down your target demographic, leading to increased engagement and potentially more loyal subscribers. Hence, proper hashtag use could be a crucial factor in your YouTube success.

Enhanced engagement

YouTube’s hashtags do more than just make your videos easier to find. They also help get your audience more involved. By picking the right hashtags, you can pull in viewers who are really interested in your subjects. This can lead to more views, likes, shares, and comments. Plus, they add a fun twist because viewers can click on hashtags to find even more videos like yours, keeping them watching for longer!

YouTube hashtags are a great tool to keep people engaged to your content longer and create a perfect match between search and likes.

How to find the best YouTube hashtags

If you’re looking to make your YouTube videos more discoverable, choosing the best hashtags for YouTube is the way to go. This simply means finding popular and relevant hashtags that match what your video is about. By doing so, you can get your content in front of viewers who are genuinely interested in your topic, helping your channel grow.

YouTube’s autocomplete feature

When you begin typing a keyword or phrase into YouTube’s search bar or video description, an autocomplete feature kicks in. This powerful tool offers suggestions for relevant hashtags, based on popular and trending searches. It’s a smart way to identify high-performing hashtags, helping your content reach a wider, targeted audience interested in your topics.

Hashtag generator tools

Several tools analyze your video content and suggest relevant hashtags to enhance your video’s visibility. TubeRanker, YTubeTool, and Keyword Tool are examples of such resources. They scrutinize your content, understand the context, and propose appropriate tags. These tools help to make your content more discoverable, leading to increased views, engagement, and potentially a broader subscriber base.

Competitor research

Examining the hashtags used by your competitors can be a strategic move to discover tags that resonate with your target audience. By doing so, you can identify popular and effective hashtags within your niche. This not only helps in improving the visibility of your content but also aids in understanding the interests of your audience, leading to more targeted and engaging content.

How to add hashtags on YouTube video

Are you embarking on your digital journey and scratching your head over where to add hashtags on YouTube? Or perhaps you’re already in the game, regularly posting videos, but need some clear-cut guidance on how to put hashtags on your YouTube video? Fear not – we’re here to help!

Hashtag guidelines

It’s crucial to adhere to YouTube’s guidelines when using hashtags in your content. Violating these rules can lead to penalties or even removal of your content. Ensure your hashtags are relevant, avoid repetitive sentences, and stay within the 15-hashtag limit. Misleading or vulgar tags could result in your video being removed. Always ensure you follow the official Google guidelines to prevent any issues and stay up to date!

Adding hashtags in video titles

Adding a hashtag to your YouTube video title isn’t as daunting as it seems. It’s as simple as typing the “#” symbol followed by your chosen keyword, directly in the title. If you decide to place them in the video description instead, the first three will show above your title. Just remember, your hashtags should align with your video content for the best performance.

Adding hashtags in video descriptions

Including hashtags in YouTube descriptions is a straightforward process that can help increase your video’s visibility. To do this, just type your chosen keywords after the ‘#’ symbol in your video’s description box. However, it’s important to remember that YouTube will display the first three hashtags above your video title. Using relevant and popular hashtags can greatly boost your video’s reach and engagement.


Tips for YouTube hashtagsScreenshot that shows where to add the hashtags on a video on YouTube

Navigating the world of YouTube hashtags can significantly boost your video’s visibility! Here are some helpful tips:

  • How many hashtags should I use on YouTube? Stick to a maximum of three per video. This keeps your content focused and avoids over-tagging.
  • Create branding hashtags that are unique to your channel or series. This can help cultivate a dedicated viewer community.
  • Respect YouTube’s guidelines. Avoid misleading tags or those that violate YouTube’s policies.
  • Do frequent research. Stay updated on trending or relevant hashtags in your niche to keep your content current.
  • Analyze performance using YouTube Analytics. Track which hashtags bring the most viewers to optimize future content.

In conclusion, mastering YouTube hashtags can be a game-changer for your video content strategy. Remember to limit yourself to three relevant hashtags, create unique branding tags, respect YouTube’s policies, stay updated with hashtag trends, and analyze your performance for continuous improvement. Harness the power of hashtags and watch your YouTube presence grow exponentially!