Edit or create QR code templates for your small business

QR (Quick Response) codes can be a helpful tool for any professional or business in general, as they let you include all your contact details and direct access to your web in just one item. If you don’t know where to start, just keep reading this article, where you can also find a QR Code Generator and templates that are fully customizable and placed in different designs. From Wepik, we want to help you take your business to the stars!

How to use QR codes for small business marketing?

QR codes use modern technology that allows you to encode any information. Even though you can include as much data as you wish, the best option is to keep it simple, as it will make the scanning process faster. A further advantage is that it’s really easy to use – you only need to have an integrated camera on your mobile device, or at best, simply download an app!

Developing effective marketing strategies can be such a challenging thing to accomplish for any small business, but QR code signs can help you make things easier! Foremost, this tool is an inexpensive one, something essential as you probably don’t have a large budget to create your marketing plan. 

It’s not enough to put just your website or contact details, and nothing more. You should offer something of value to your customers, that they won’t find anywhere else! For example, place a creative video, or design a particular landing page with some exclusive content. This easy-to-use tool can help your sales grow, extend your marketing strategy, and even facilitate any feedback process from your customers. 

One last piece of advice – place yourself in the user’s shoes and consider in which medium it would be easier for you to locate it and scan it effortlessly. And above all, don’t forget to track their performance, to check where it gives you the best results!

Infographic about how to use QR codes for small business marketing
4 easy steps to use QR codes for small business marketing

QR code flyer templates

Having a good and effective flyer for any business marketing strategy is a must! This traditional support is still nowadays one of the most successful ones in terms of promotion, as it allows you to share any news, sales, or events your business is holding. The best part? It’s really cheap!

They can also be your presentation letter and introduce yourself to new potential customers. This is when QR codes come into play, as you can easily link your business website or any related information about any upcoming event. Here at Wepik, you’ll find plenty of QR code flyer templates, that you can easily adapt to your branding.

Collection of 3 customizable flyer templates with QR code

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QR code poster templates

Including QR codes on your business posters will add more value to your great marketing material! Creating the perfect poster requires you to think about tons of various aspects, from the color palette to any other graphic elements. In that creative process, you should consider placing a QR code, as it’s a great tool to promote your company and even engage younger generations!

This tool can help you to share relevant information without compromising the final design of your poster if you put it in the right place! Explore this selection of QR code poster templates from Wepik and find some inspiration to create something really outstanding.

Collection of 2 customizable and printable poster templates with QR codes from Wepik collection

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QR code business card templates

When thinking of designing a good marketing strategy for your business and visually appealing branding, having a business card is one of the most important tools to be considered. Why? Because it’s your presentation letter, the first image your potential customers will have of you!

They usually include your company’s name and any other related contact details. By using a QR code, you can add more value, as on any website, exclusive content or even promotions can be easily inserted. Discover these QR code business card templates and get inspired!

Editable QR code business card template with a black & white palette

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QR code menu templates

In the past few years, using QR codes instead of physical menus of any café, restaurant, or bar – it’s a common thing! This no-touch menu allows customers to check, within seconds, any delicious dishes or refreshing drinks your business offers. It also lets you include any pictures, so it will make things very visual!

If you’re looking to take your fabulous restaurant or bar into a new era, here you’ll find lots of QR code menu templates that will give you, for sure, some inspiration. The best of all is that you can easily adapt them to your needs – within minutes!

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Now that you have discovered the enormous advantages of introducing QR codes in the branding of your business, whatever it is, what are you waiting for to get started?