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Free QR Code Generator by Wepik

Take your business’ marketing to a whole new level with our QR Code Generator. Create innovative materials to bring your products and services closer to your customers. Let the power of technology elevate your brand today!

Introducing the QR Code Generator

Wepik revolutionizes the way you create QR Codes! Our generator is the perfect solution for any small business looking to increase its visibility. With this powerful tool, easily create branded codes that will allow your potential customers to swiftly and effortlessly get to your content.

  • Find at Wepik an array of stylish and eye-catching QR code templates for any type of business.
  • Flyers, posters, business cards, you name it. Add your code to your promotional materials in every format imaginable.
  • Try our easy-to-use editor to design a personalized code with logos, brand colors, shapes, backgrounds, and text fonts.
  • No previous design experience needed - keep your brand identity and speed up your workflow with our cutting-edge features.

Why is a QR Code useful for my business?

QR codes may be one of the most useful tools for staying ahead of the competition if you own a small business. Your customers can be directed to a landing page or desired location with just a scan, eliminating the need for staff assistance.

Including QR codes in your company's digital or print materials will help your business engage with your customers. They can scan the code to get a coupon or special offer, get directions to your business, or even watch a video about your products and services.

How to make a business QR Code?

1. Access the editing area

Choose the design that best suits your needs and click "Edit this template," or jump right into our editing tool for a more creative experience.

2. Include elements

Quickly access the QR Code feature by clicking the “More” button located in the left-hand toolbar.

3. Introduce your link

Send your customers directly to their destination in no time – simply copy and paste the relevant link into our bar!

4. Generate and insert the QR Code

Experience the transformation with just one click! With "Insert QR," you can instantly add a QR code to your design and watch it appear before your eyes.

Combine your QR with stunning templates

Take your marketing efforts to the next level! Add your brand-new QR code to any of Wepik's striking templates, and create dynamic visuals that will captivate and engage your audience. Check out our wide collection and give your business an edge in the competitive marketplace.

Explore more features

Wepik is the ultimate platform for all your photo needs, offering a range of features to help build your brand: use our QR Code Generator to achieve a more modern look and feel of your business, Brand Kit feature to easily create and maintain a recognizable identity, try the Background Remover to quickly touch-ups and edits, and test the future of design with our AI picture generator. And the best part? You can access all these amazing tools through the Wepik Mobile App, available on iOS and Android!

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to small business marketing, size is often a concern. Luckily for you, QR codes can be shrunk down to fit even the most limited of spaces. In fact, the minimum recommended size for a QR code is just 1" by 1". That means flyers, menus, business cards, and posters are all fair game when it comes to incorporating these small boxes of data into your small business marketing efforts.

The important thing to remember is that they must remain readable at their smallest size in order for them to be properly scanned and decoded. If you shrink down the code too small or distort its shape, then there's no telling if it will be able to scan correctly. So make sure you keep this in mind when designing!

Good news over here – it’s 100% free! QR codes turn cumbersome, time-consuming processes into seamless experiences. With this powerful technology, available at no cost to you with Wepik, putting your business in the spotlight has never been easier: Take advantage to stay ahead of the competition, and discover all its potential!

QR codes are exceptionally durable — they don't have an expiration date! Their effectiveness relies on the active Quick Link located behind them, so as long as that link remains unchanged and unarchived, you can count on your QR code to perform. 

However, it's important to remember that if a Branch app changes its domain, any associated Quick Links and generated QR codes will no longer work correctly.

Whether you're on Apple or Android, we have detailed instructions to help make your experience easier. Take a look for step-by-step advice specific to each operating system:

  • If you’re using your iPhone, just open the Camera app and point it at the code. For best results, center the image in its box on-screen before tapping either an indicated pop-up banner or the yellow icon located at the right bottom of the display. Ensure that the Scan QR Codes feature has been enabled.
  • Android 8+ users can easily scan QR codes with the camera app. Just point and tap to display a pop-up banner. If you don't see it, then Google Lens is your backup, which will be placed somewhere on the screen.

Static QR Codes are ideal for times when the information displayed needs to stay consistent. By design, they can retain a single set of data and won't be changed or overwritten, making them perfect for campaigns where only one message is needed to get across!

On the other hand, with dynamic QR codes, you can keep everything up to date with ease – no more printing and reposting needed! Just make the tweaks or changes required and avoid any inconvenient 404 errors. They also harness the power of retargeting to reach users online and create tailored, personalized experiences, and contain a shorter and cleaner URL.

To sum it up, for short-term and one-time campaigns, static QR Codes provide an easy option to get started. However, when it comes to long-term strategies with the potential for adjustment or multiple uses of a code across many platforms, dynamic codes are essential.

Don't let QR Codes blend in with the crowd! QR codes don't have to be the standard black and white coloring - you can use a variety of colors or even multiple at once to make your code stand out and draw attention from potential customers. The trick is to keep the foreground color darker than the background so as not to hinder scanning, but other than that you're free to get creative. And why stop there? Use your brand or campaign theme as part of the code's design to really showcase what your business has to offer. With unique colored QR Codes, you will make sure your message is seen without sacrificing any ease of use!

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I needed to make posters to find participants for a scientific study. With the help of Wepik, finding a design that suits my needs the best, has been very easy and intuitive!

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The dynamism of the website has allowed me to work easily and quickly to make incredible designs for campaigns. I appreciate that it can be adapted to different formats!

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An excellent tool, I can send presentations of the products with a great design to my potential customers. Easy to use, very intuitive, and in only a few minutes, I have everything I need!



Wepik makes my job much easier to create content for social media, posters, and even invitations to promote my events. Since I discovered Wepik, I don't use any other editor!

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An essential platform in my everyday work and projects. It allows me to use elements that in other design platforms, would certainly be premium. I highly recommend it!

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