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Free Online YouTube Banner Maker

Take the stage with Wepik's YouTube Banner Maker! It's more than just a design tool; it's the wand that turns your channel into a viewer magnet. No design degree needed - just your infinite creativity! Prepare to become the next great viral phenomenon!

Try the YouTube Banner Maker

Introducing the YouTube Banner Maker

Wepik revolutionizes your YouTube presence! This dynamic and versatile tool is your ultimate sidekick for creating compelling, personalized banners that will make your viewers stop scrolling and start watching. Whether you're a seasoned YouTuber, an aspiring vlogger, or a brand looking to increase engagement, our banner maker is about to become your channel's biggest ally.

  • Speed up your design process with our library of professionally crafted templates.
  • Unleash your creativity and create a one-of-a-kind banner with our user-friendly editor.
  • No need to stress about perfection - our maker ensures flawless results in no time, ready to wow your followers.

Why are YouTube Banners so important?

Your YouTube banner is like a book cover that grabs people's attention right away. It's the first thing they see, and we all know how important first impressions are! That initial "Hello!" can make viewers pause and take notice. But it's not just about looking good; it's about strategically leading your audience to your content.
Think of it as your channel's personal billboard or the most captivating business card ever. It's the story of your brand, all summed up in one glance, enticing viewers to hit that subscribe button. And with Wepik, creating this magnetic first impression is a piece of cake.

Learn how to make a YouTube Banner in Wepik

Find the right template

Let hundreds of templates fuel your creativity and choose the banner that aligns best with your YouTube Channel.

Customize anything you want

Tailor-make the layout with Wepik's online editor. A few clicks to tweak colors, shapes, and more will lead you to your ideal result.

Download the final result

Your freshly crafted banner is ready to shine! Download your files in PNG, JPG, or PDF formats, and astonish your viewers.

5 quick tips to get perfect YouTube Banners

Stay inspired YouTube Banner templates

Make your YouTube dreams come true! Say goodbye to boring channel designs and hello to Wepik's stunning YouTube Banner templates. Jump in, and watch the world take notice of you.

Gradient The Charity Non Profit Organization YouTube Banner Template
Monocolor Hand-drawn Ink Splash Freelance Writer YouTube Banner Template
Geometric Harmony Hills Private School YouTube Banner Template
Creative Cute Unicorn Elementary School YouTube Banner Template
Hand-drawn Cute Vegan Day YouTube Banner Template
Geometric Pastel Home Gardening YouTube Banner Template
Neon Modern Gym Classes YouTube Banner Template
Hand-drawn World Vegan Day YouTube Banner Template
Hand-drawn Happy Vegan Day YouTube Banner Template
Cute Pastel Rainbow Day Care Pre-School YouTube Banner Template
Hand-drawn Your Favorite Tutor Youtube Banner Template
Hand-drawn Vegan Green YouTube Banner Template
Professional Minimalist Red Psychology YouTube Banner Template
Duotone Freelance Make Up Artist YouTube Banner Template
Abstract Waves Your Mind Psychology YouTube Banner Template
Hand-drawn Simple Vegan Recipes YouTube Banner Template
Memphis Creative The Marketing Agency YouTube Banner Template
Simple Geometric Driving School YouTube Banner Template

Explore more makers

Our super easy-to-use tools let you create captivating visuals in a flash. From breathtaking Instagram Stories to eye-popping flyers, we have your back. Don't waste any more time with complex design programs - embrace Wepik and unleash the awesomeness!

Frequently asked questions

That stunning, captivating image gracing the top of your YouTube channel is a YouTube banner. Think of it as the ultimate business card for the most essential video platform on the web. But it's not just a beautiful picture; it's an influential tool to effortlessly showcase your brand's personality, so don't settle for anything less than an exceptional design.

Ideally, aim for 2560 x 1440 pixels for the ultimate impact, but don't worry - a minimum of 2048 x 1152 pixels will still do the trick. To really stand out, make sure your banner image has a 16:9 aspect ratio. YouTube embraces all types of files, so feel free to use JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP-as long as they're under 6 MB.

Struggling with a blurry YouTube banner? Don't fret; we've got you covered! The culprit could be the resolution. Make sure it's high enough for that crisp look. Stick with PNG or JPG format for top-notch quality, and of course, double-check YouTube's recommended banner size. Avoid fuzzy disappointment and go for perfect proportion!

Ready to add a banner on YouTube? It's easier than you think! Sign in to YouTube Studio, go to the Customization tab, click on "Branding", hit "Change", and select your brand-new design. Need to make some adjustments? Simply choose a preview, adjust the crop, and when you're happy with the result, click "Done". Don't forget to hit "Publish", and voila! Your YouTube channel will pop up.

Want to make it easier for your viewers to find you on social media? You can add links to your profiles right on your YouTube banner - and it's super simple! Just head over to YouTube Studio and click "Customization". Then, go to the "Basic Info" tab and select "Add Link". In no time, your viewers will be just one click away from connecting with you on all your social media pages!

Considering adding a "subscribe" button to your YouTube banner? It's all about connection! By encouraging viewers to subscribe, our latest and greatest videos will instantly appear in their Subscription feed. They'll even receive notifications whenever you publish new content. Stay connected and keep your audience in the loop with this fantastic feature.

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I needed to make posters to find participants for a scientific study. With the help of Wepik, finding a design that suits my needs the best, has been very easy and intuitive!

Africa Gómez


The dynamism of the website has allowed me to work easily and quickly to make incredible designs for campaigns. I appreciate that it can be adapted to different formats!

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An excellent tool, I can send presentations of the products with a great design to my potential customers. Easy to use, very intuitive, and in only a few minutes, I have everything I need!



Wepik makes my job much easier to create content for social media, posters, and even invitations to promote my events. Since I discovered Wepik, I don't use any other editor!

Marta Rodriguez

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An essential platform in my everyday work and projects. It allows me to use elements that in other design platforms, would certainly be premium. I highly recommend it!

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