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Start designing striking and original brochures for your business with just a few clicks! Thanks to our pre-made designs, select the ones that fit what you have in mind best, customize them, and share them with your potential clients. Discover all that Wepik has to offer now!

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Scroll through our collection of brochure templates, and search for the perfect color, size, and layout. Find the style that suits your business best — creative, colorful, minimalist. We’ve got them all!

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Ok, so now you’ve got the perfect brochure for your business, what’s next? Open it with Wepik’s editor and personalize it to make it incredible and unique.

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Finished? Perfect! Simply select the preferred format for your design — PDF, JPEG, or PNG — and download it. Then, you can print and share it with everyone.

Stay inspired with these brochure design ideas

Opportunities don't happen; you create them! To find the perfect design for your business brochure, explore our collection of templates and get inspired. Browse through professional, simple, elegant, or even vintage designs to pick the one that catches your eye. In less than a few minutes, you’ll have a brochure that will attract potential customers and boost your business’ image!

Hand-drawn God is Love Church Brochure 2
Simple Calvary Church Brochure 2
Minimalist Occupational Therapy Services Brochure 2
Company Profile Cool Brochure 8
Simple Hope Church Brochure 2
Vintage Travel Agency Brochure 8
Professional Pentecost Church Brochure 2
Modern Congregation Church Brochure 2
Colorful Faithful Church Brochure 2
Geometric Blue Photography Studio Brochure 2
Hand-drawn Flat St. James Church Brochure 2
Abstract Pastel Young Missions Church Brochure 2
Memphis Youth Group Church Brochure 2
Professional Congregational Church Brochure 2
Colorful New Youth Church Brochure 2
Professional God is Love Church Brochure 2
Duotone St. Peter Church Brochure 2
Professional Mother Mary's Church Brochure 2

Small business brochure templates

Getting the name of your business out there can pose a challenge. Even more when we feel like we are lacking the knowledge and tools to create and share the type of content that our business deserves. With the help of Wepik's pre-made templates, you simply have to choose the one you like most or that feels more in sync with your business, and the rest is done!
How about taking a stroll through our sections to start searching for the perfect design?
brush stroke background
spa brochure template with a minimalist design and a pinkish color palette real estate brochure template with a modern and grid design and a duotone color palette brochure template for coffee shops with a abstract design and a green color palette
antibullying brochure template with a minimalist design and a monocolor palette fitness lifestyle brochure template with an abstract design and a modern orange color palette image.png
Wepik colorpicker editor
computer mockup of a professional purple brochure template being customized by Wepik’s online editor to grow up your startup

How can a brochure help your business?

Brochures are great for helping business owners synthesize a great deal of information into a small document. Even with a foldable design, you can describe your services and products in the flaps, both outside and inside! Thanks to that, brochures can provide further information than other printouts, such as postcards, letters, or flyers.
With a printed design, you send the message of an established business willing to print and distribute information to reach out to new clients. And let’s keep this a secret, but it’s also a very efficient and cheap method!

Frequently asked questions

How to create a brochure online for free?

Do you have a minute? Because that’s all it takes! Select one template from Wepik’s wide collection, open it with our online editor, and once you have imported your info and customized everything you need, your design will be ready to download!

What is the size of a brochure?

Standard sizes for brochures may range from 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17, and even 11 x 25.5. The right size for you is the one that matches the amount of information you need to share vs. the space available on the brochure. With Wepik’s editor, you can modify and try out different sizes on the same design!

How many pages can a brochure have?

Depends on the content that you want to share. With a minimum of four pages — foldable into two — it can get to six or even eight pages. It’s a key factor to prioritize the information according to the number of pages.
Whether you want to present a real estate company, a new menu for your coffee shop or the services your gym offers, try out different designs and select the best ones for you!

How do I export my final result?

Voilà! Once the final result is ready, inside the editor, go to the upper right and look for the 'Download' button right at the top. Click it, select your preferred format—PNG, PDF, or JPEG — and your download will begin! Now simply print your brochure and start sharing it.

Take your brochure design to the next level

Are brochures still effective?

Think for a second — are there any brochures lying around at home? If the answer is yes, you know they’re working! If not, Is it because the ones you were offered weren’t interesting, striking, or relevant to you? Bringing your own experience into its development is a very helpful tool.
New fancy marketing methods appear each day, but brochures are still at the top. Keeping “physical” ads is something that people still consider when making decisions and comparing services. If your business doesn’t have a presence in that format, it might be out of the equation for certain audiences.
The success of brochures lies in their low cost and versatility. Easy to print and distribute, they can hold considerable information besides pictures and illustrations. And plus a great design, the rest is history!

What should a business brochure include?

Simplicity is always the key. This means that fundamental things, such as name, contact info, logo, and a brief description of your business's services, must be present.
The first page should have the title and two or three bullet points describing the benefits and services that your company can offer. The texts should be structured to ensure it is easy and effortless for the reader.
The best thing to achieve this? Divide it into paragraphs that should be written in short, easy-to-read chunks. For an eye-catching touch, include graphics, illustrations, or photos of your product, services, and/or key individuals.

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