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Free printable Label templates

Create custom labels and make outstanding designs. Select your favorite from the variety of these templates, customize it with our online editor and get unique creations totally adapted to your liking.

Ornamental Antiquo Wine Label Template
Gradient Premium Quality Wine Label Template
Creative Pattern Pure Chocolate Label Template
Ornamental Duotone Doña Carmen Tequila Label Template
Cool Aromatique Candle Label Template
Ornamental Elegant Azteca Tequila Rectangle Label Template
Simple Zen Water Water Label Template
Painted Background Thank You Label Template
Blue Tones Thank You Label Template
Elegant Sweet Orange Candle Label Template
Pastel Ornamental Tea Tree Candle Label Template
Hand-drawn Fragrance Candle Label Template
Aesthetic Pattern Chocolate Delights Rectangle Label Template
Pattern Aqua Vida Water Label Template
Minimalist Aqua Essence Water Label Template
Vintage El Dorado Tequila Square Label Template
Creative Kobo Candles Label Template
Aesthetic Rose Candle Label Template
Ornamental  R&R Candle Label Template
Elegant The Candle Studio Label Template
Duotone Hand-drawn Water Brand Label Template
Minimalist Caramel Candle Square Label Template
Hand-drawn Lagoona Water Label Template
Professional Gradient Blue Ocean Water Label Template
Hand-drawn Waves Ocean Breeze Candle Label Template
Floral Hand-drawn Horizontal Candle Label Template
Cute My Name Is Isabel Template
Elegant Hydra Water Label Template
Minimalist Clean Cotton Candle Label Template
Hand-drawn Simple Apple Cinnamon Candle Square Label Template
Vintage 100% Natural Bee Honey Label Template
Hand-drawn Boho Candle Label Template
Ornamental Minimalist Don Javier Tequila Rectangle Label Template
Minimalist Linear Cocoa Oasis Chocolate Square Label Template
Gradient Glacier Water Label Template
Hand-drawn Minimalist Bright Candle Label Template
Watercolor Minimalist Heaven Chocolate Rectangle Label Template
Minimalist Parfume Candle Label Template
Simple Monocolor Certified Vegan Soap Label Template
Waves Mineral Water Label Template
Vintage Village Candle Label Template
Aesthetic Black Cherry Candle Square Label Template
Creative Uno Por Ciento Tequila Rectangle Label Template
Aesthetic Tropical Splash Water Label Template
Geometric Minimalist Vanilla Candle Square Label Template

Why use Labels?

Using label templates ensures consistency and professionalism in branding and communication materials. By creating standardized labels for products, packaging, marketing materials, and documents, a business can present a cohesive and polished image to customers and partners. Consistency in design, a font, color, and logo placement helps establish brand recognition, trust, and credibility, which are essential for building a solid and lasting brand identity. With label templates, businesses can easily maintain this consistency across various channels and touchpoints.

They also save valuable time and resources. Rather than starting from scratch each time a label is needed, businesses can simply input the necessary information into a pre-designed template. This eliminates the need for manual formatting and reduces the risk of errors. Templates can be easily updated to accommodate changes in information or design, ensuring that businesses can adapt quickly to evolving needs or market trends. In essence, label templates are a cost-effective and time-saving solution that allows companies to focus on core activities while maintaining a consistent and visually appealing brand presence.

Types of Label templates

There are various label types designed to serve specific purposes across different industries and applications. Some of the main label types include:

Branding labels: These are specialized labels or tags affixed to products (candles, soaps, etc.) or merchandise by a company to showcase its brand name, logo, and other key branding elements. These labels serve as a visual representation of the brand identity and are often used to distinguish the company's products from those of competitors.
Product labels: They are affixed to items for identification, branding, and conveying essential information such as product name, ingredients, instructions, and pricing. They are common in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries.
Beverages labels: These are specialized labels applied to bottles, cans, or containers of various beverages, including soft drinks, alcoholic beverages (beer, wine...), water, juice, and more. These labels typically contain important information such as the product's name, brand, logo, ingredients, serving size, and sometimes promotional messages or special design elements. Drinks labels serve both practical and marketing purposes, providing consumers with essential information while also helping to distinguish and promote the beverage in a competitive market.

Label sizes

The standard product label size is 2" x 4" or 5.08 x 10.16 cm. It's important to note that label sizes can vary based on the specific requirements of the label and the equipment used for printing. Additionally, label sizes may be subject to regional preferences and industry standards. When selecting a label size, it's essential to consider the information that needs to be displayed, the available space on the item you're labeling, and any industry-specific regulations or standards that may apply.

Label template printing advice

Printing labels efficiently and accurately is essential for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you're creating a product label or a standard branding one, there are some print tips to take into consideration before starting:

  1. Select the right label paper and printer settings: Ensure that you choose label paper that is compatible with your printer. Consult your printer's manual or manufacturer's guidelines for recommended label paper types and settings. Select the correct paper size in your printer settings to match your label template dimensions. Using the wrong paper or settings can lead to printing errors and misalignments.
  2. Test on regular paper first: Before printing on label paper, it's a good practice to do a test print on regular paper. This allows you to check the layout, alignment, and content of your labels without wasting label sheets if adjustments are needed. Ensure that your template fits within the printable area of your label paper and that text and graphics are correctly positioned.
  3. Load label sheets carefully and calibrate: When you're ready to print on label paper, load the sheets carefully to avoid jams and misfeeds. Adjust the paper guides in your printer tray to snugly hold the label sheets in place. Before printing multiple label sheets, it's advisable to calibrate your printer by printing a single test label. This ensures that the alignment and positioning are accurate, preventing wasted label sheets due to misprints.