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Free online editable Timeline templates

Display data with our selection of clear and visual timeline templates. Customize them and add dates, text, and images to your design so that your layout is effective to engage your audience.

Timelines are visual tools used to represent events, tasks, or moments in chronological order. They can be used to show the progress of a project, keep track of milestones, illustrate personal or business histories, or serve as a timeline for a specific event. Depending on the type of timeline and its purpose, there are many shapes and sizes that be used.

The most common type is the linear timeline, which displays all points on one long line. This can be ideal for project management since it allows for easy tracking and comparison of tasks.

Another commonly used timeline is the circular or “radial” timeline, which introduces a curved shape to the layout and functions similarly to a linear timeline. A third type is a cyclical timeline, which arranges elements into cycles instead of linearly, with time periods being repeated cyclically from beginning to end. Additionally, timelines can also be broken into sections or clusters, such as those depicting life phases or career stages.

Timelines have a wide range of uses aside from tracking projects and personal history; they can also be used to show industry trends over time by visualizing various data points along with key events throughout history. Timelines are additionally useful in storytelling and journalism when recounting historical events, uncovering patterns, and trends across multiple data sources over time, or highlighting significant moments within someone's life story.

Customizing and creating a timeline that fits all your needs is now incredibly easy thanks to Wepik's ready-made templates. You can also edit your timeline by adding text boxes and images as well as customizing it with colors and symbols, making it easier than ever before for you to create unique visuals that best represent your project!