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Free online editable Desktop Wallpaper templates

Find inspirational desktop wallpaper templates. Create the perfect design with our impressive range of editable templates and thousands of resources that you can add to get amazing images.

Desktop wallpapers are an easy way to customize the look of your computer while adding a bit of personality. A wallpaper can be any image, pattern or digital artwork that you choose and set as the background on your desktop. With so many different options available, choosing just one wallpaper can be a difficult task!

The most common type of desktop wallpaper is an image, such as a photograph, painting or drawing. These types of wallpapers tend to be bright and colorful and can feature landscapes, portraits, animals and more. Wallpaper patterns are also popular; these include repeating geometric shapes like diamonds or stripes and even abstract patterns featuring shapes with interesting colors. For those looking for something a bit more unique, digital artwork created by artists can be used as desktop wallpapers too.

Wallpapers don’t just have to be limited to images: some people prefer using quotes or mantras as their background instead. This type of wallpaper is displayed in text format and often serves as motivation for the user. Finding the perfect desktop wallpaper doesn't have to be difficult; Wepik offers an impressive selection of wallpapers to suit any style.

From classic images to unique art pieces, finding exactly what you’re looking for has never been easier! And if you need something even more specialised, Wepik also allows users to edit & customize existing templates - making it simple to create something truly unique.