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Free Colorful Desktop Wallpaper templates to download

Want to give your computer a bit of color? We've got great news - and even greater wallpapers! Choose the one you like the most, customize the template and download your brand new background. Super easy - join us to start now!

Bright Dyes Mixing Water
Illustrated floral background with quote
Creative floral background with quote
Fruit Background
Fruit Background
Grid Console Vaporwave Desktop Wallpaper
Tropical Abstract Background
Modern Colorful Literacy Day Desktop Wallpaper
Floral background
Floral background
Cute Hand-drawn Organizer Desktop Wallpaper
Geometric Modern Pink & Green Desktop Wallpaper
Cute Floral Mother's May Desktop wallpaper
Colorful memphis design background
Memphis Abstract Art Desktop Wallpaper
Grid OS Vaporwave Desktop Wallpaper
Colorful Abstract Shapes Desktop Wallpaper
Geometric Wallpaper
Geometric Wallpaper
Watercolor Rainbow Desktop Wallpaper
Pink Abstract Shapes Background
Colorful abstract painted background
Colorful Planet
Colorful Planet
Fun Abstract Painted Background
Grid Pink Shapes Vaporwave Desktop Wallpaper
Colorful Hand-drawn Brazilian Carnival Desktop Wallpaper
Light Purple Geometric Background
Modern Colorful Cool Desktop Wallpaper
Variety of Colors Geometric Wallpaper
Floral background with positive quote
Abstract Pastel Background
Cute Pastel Retro Windows Desktop Wallpaper
Minimalist Breathe Gradients Desktop Wallpaper