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A good-looking menu is essential when it comes to grabbing your customers’ attention. With these easy-to-edit templates, you can create the best menus for business or any special event! A fresh perspective and a new look that fits the concept and atmosphere of your restaurant. Start now!

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Have a look at all these custom-made templates from our collection. Find the perfect inspiration for you and pick the best option for your business.

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All our layouts are fully customizable, so it’s your time to get creative! Edit any design with our online tool to get the perfect result.

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Finished editing? Now it’s time to download your files - PNG, JPG, or PDF are available formats. Print or share them online to impress your audience!

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Discover our selection of professionally-designed templates and create an eye-catching menu design to delight your customers.

Minimalist Geometric Restaurant Plants Drink Menu
Elegant Our Drink Menu
Minimalist Cocktails & Drink Menu
Hand-drawn Best Quality Horizontal Beer Menu
Simple Sunset Bar Cocktails Menu
Abstract The Bar Drink Menu
Modern Park Bar Drink Menu
Tropical Cocktails & Drinks Menu
Professional Simple Cocktaik Bar Drink Menu
Hand-drawn Floral Orchid Bar Drink Menu
Cool Fresh Bar Drink Menu
Hand-drawn Elegant Monsieur Deltour French Menu
Minimalist Beer Club Menu
Hand-drawn Beer House Vertical Menu 2
Hand-drawn Special Beers Menu
Hand-drawn Bottle-Draft Beer Menu 2
Hand-drawn Best Quality Beer Menu
Hand-drawn Draft Beer Menu

Free small business menu designs

Create the perfect menu for your restaurant, bar, bakery, or any business! Our templates are hand-made for you to just customize online, download and share later.
brush stroke background
minimalist restaurant menu template with a green plan photo colorful menu template for a donut factory with wraps, drinks and sweets drawings
green and pink hotel menu template with an elegant design pink menu template with fruits drawings
Wepik colorpicker editor
typical Spanish tapas menu template with a red and yellow background and a modern design

Why is a menu important for your business?

A good menu is key for expressing the personality of your business, attracting new customers, and improving the experience of current ones. An effective menu design will communicate your brand and keep it in the consumer’s mind.

Frequently asked questions

How to edit a menu template with Wepik?

Get the best menu design by browsing our collection of templates. Access our online editing tool, and customize its layout by adding elements, such as illustrations, fonts, texts, or even stickers.

How to create a menu template from scratch?

With Wepik, it’s a piece of cake! Just follow the steps below:
1. From the homepage, click on “use blank canvas”.
2. Enter the width and height you want for your restaurant menu. You can also select a menu default format.
3. Select confirm and start designing.

What sizes should my menu have?

The standard menu size is 8.5” x 11”. However, with our editing feature, you can customize your design and adjust the size you want to make it even more personal. Create anything from a landscape to a square menu; with Wepik, the possibilities are endless!

Can I download and print my final designs?

Once you get the best results for your menu design, click on the download button above the editor in the upper right corner, choose the PDF option and print it to boost your business!

What’s the best paper to print my menu?

There is no perfect paper for your menu design; this will depend on the ambiance and image of your restaurant. However, it is best to use thick card paper, cardboard, or even laminate the card paper to offer your customers a better experience.

Take your menu design to the next level

What is the purpose of a menu for a business?

The purpose of a menu is to show your customers what kind of dishes or products you offer in your establishment. It also provides all the information about pricing, ingredients, and further details about allergens. A menu is also a very powerful marketing tool.

Why your menu design is important?

A well-designed menu can help you gain new customers. You can also play with its structure to drive your audience’s attention to the items you want to be ordered in an easy and natural way.

What are the items your perfect menu needs?

This depends very much on your business type, audience and the products you offer. However, there are 4 top tips you need to consider when it comes to creating your ideal menu:
1. Consider your customers: the type of clientele your local hosts is the first thing you need to take into consideration. Remember, you’re creating something they’re willing to pay for.
2. Choose a design that will fit your branding this is the easiest way to reach the perfect clients and also to create a full experience.
3. Don’t miss the prices.: depending on your business, it’s super important to add the prices for your products. This way, you’re letting everyone make a decision in advance and there won’t be any unexpected surprises.
4. Be creative!: Nowadays, social media helps us to become viral quite fast. A good design together with a good text can be the perfect tool to attract new people.