The 6 types of menus for your business

Whether you run a five-star bistro or food truck, an enticing menu is key to success. Not only does it communicate your culinary creations to customers, but also strategically prices and presents them for maximum gains! So don’t hold back any longer – explore the amazing array of menus that can transform your business into a flourishing feast!

À La Carte

Eating out just got more exciting – assemble your own unique meal! An à la carte menu is a great way to let customers tailor their culinary experience. It’s perfect for restaurants that want to cater to every preference and requirement under the sun. Make sure your selection offers diverse options with clear descriptions of ingredients so diners know exactly what they’re getting into. To top it all off, use attractive visuals in the layout: show off each item on the menu–and its price –so guests have everything they need right at their fingertips!

Mockup of a menu with an elegant design, and a minimalist color palette

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Du Jour Menu

Showcase your culinary creations every day with a du jour menu tailored to seasonal ingredients and local catches! Keep guests excited about what’s new by displaying daily specials on an eye-catching board, or integrating them into the main menu for optimal exploration. Let the chef get creative— your diners will love it!

Duotone blue and yellow the foodie menu template, fully customizable.

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Cycle Menu

Ideal for institutional settings such as schools, hospitals, or banquet halls, cyclical menus rotate dishes periodically (weekly, monthly) providing variety for long-term customers. Careful planning ensures a balanced diet and streamlined inventory management. Design your cyclical menu with a succinct description of items, emphasizing nutritional information, and visually representing the duration of the cycle, making it easy to understand each menu phase.

Cycle menu template with a brownish color palette and a cute design, fully customizable with Wepik's online editor.

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Prix fixe menu

Prix fixe menus are a great way to sample multiple dishes from an extensive menu, all at an affordable price. The selection of classic dishes combined with modern flavors ensures that everyone can find something to satisfy their taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a full-course meal, prix fixe menus offer something for everyone. With prix fixe menus, you can explore the many possibilities and embark on a delightful culinary journey. From exquisite appetizers to decadent desserts, enjoy a wide array of delicious cuisines and have your tastebuds tantalized by each and every bite.

Duotone pink and light orange menu template with an elegant design and especially made for a catering company to edit online.

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Beverage menu

Let us quench your thirst! No matter what the occasion, a beverage menu has something special to suit everyone’s desires. Enjoy a glass of robust and bold aged spirits; or explore fun flavors from craft beers. Itching for more options? Well-known sommeliers can make sure you find just the right type of wine to pair with any meal, plus refreshing soda and juice selections too – no alcohol required!

Beverages menu template with an elegant design and a monocolor palette.

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Dessert menu

Ready to treat your taste buds? From succulent crème brûlée and tiny pastries to refreshing frozen yogurt and comforting puddings – a dessert menu guarantees a sweet end-note for every meal. And with mini treats like cupcakes or no-bake tarts perfect for summer days, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Customizable desserts menu template with a delicious picture of some pastries at the left.

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Finding the ideal menu for your business can seem like an impossible task, but let’s wrap up the many menus we’ve gotten to know

  • Curate an à la carte menu to let customers tailor their unique culinary experiences
  • Delight diners with a du jour menu featuring seasonal ingredients and local catches
  • Set up a cycle menu for recurring guests in institutional settings, providing balanced options and streamlined inventory management. 
  • Explore many flavors with a prix fixe menu of classic dishes combined with modern flavors – each bite is sure to tantalize the tastebuds. 
  • Quench thirsts with robust aged spirits, fun craft beers or expertly paired wines on the beverage menu. 
  • Sweeten up meals over delicious desserts – everyone will be spoilt for choice! 

Now, simply find a design that can be adapted to the needs of your menu within Wepik’s customizable menu templates collection. Simply write down your dishes and drinks, and include your business information – even a QR code!

A customized and professional-looking menu offers endless possibilities for an unforgettable meal or gathering. Whether you are hosting a small dinner party or planning a large-scale event, there’s sure to be something on the menu that everyone will enjoy!