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Free Online Sticker Maker

Ignite your creativity, one sticker at a time. Start designing stickers now that are as unique and diverse as you are.
Whether you're looking to add a personal touch to your social media posts or want to make your posters pop up, our new sticker maker has got you covered!

Try the Sticker Maker

Introducing the Sticker Maker

Get that 90s vibe going, and be ready to fill the place up with stickers. Wepik is happy to present the Sticker Maker, a new tool that allows you to personalize and create your own stickers from our huge library of templates.

  • Wide Variety of Templates: Choose from a plethora of sticker templates, catering to every style and occasion. Whether you prefer minimalistic designs or love quirky graphics, we've got you covered.
  • Effortless Customization: Our user-friendly editor makes personalizing your stickers a breeze. Switch up colors, insert text, or incorporate your own images-the sky's the limit!
  • High-Quality Results: We believe in delivering only the best. Each sticker you design with our editor will be of high resolution, ensuring your creations look crisp and professional.

Market your brand with style

Stickers are a universal, cost-effective marketing tool that appeals to all ages. They transform everyday items into brand billboards and drive customer engagement. Their versatility makes them a fun, creative way to express personality and evoke nostalgia.
Beyond personal expression, stickers act as conversation starters and symbols of shared interests. They're an easy, inexpensive way to boost brand visibility and recognition. Plus, their widespread appeal makes them an effective tool for connecting with diverse audiences.

How to make stickers with Wepik

Browse our templates catalog

From aesthetic to oval, square to circle, there's a wide variety of designs that cater to different tastes and needs.

Design any sticker easily

With Wepik, you're not just making stickers, you're creating art! With our intuitive platform, you'll be a designer.

Download and print the result

After designing, downloading, and printing your stickers, you'll have tangible pieces of your creativity to share with the world.

5 quick tips to design your own sticker

Stay inspired with our stickers templates

Fuel your imagination with our diverse range of sticker templates available on Wepik. Crafted to stimulate your creative side, these easily editable designs act as a catalyst for creativity in both personal and professional projects.

Explore more makers

With Wepik's incredibly user-friendly tools, creating stunning visuals becomes a breeze. Whether it's mesmerizing Instagram Stories or attention-grabbing flyers, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to intricate design programs and welcome Wepik to unlock your creative prowess!

Frequently asked questions

Creating custom stickers is a breeze with our maker. Simply select your preferred sticker template, customize the design to fit your style, and save the final result for printing or digital use.

While both are adhesive products, stickers are often used for decoration or branding purposes, whereas labels typically provide information about a product. Stickers can be more colorful and visually engaging, while labels tend to be more functional and informative.

The ideal sticker size depends on its purpose. For promotional or branding stickers, a larger size (like 3 x 3) may be beneficial for visibility. However, for product labeling or smaller applications, a smaller size (like 1 x 1) might be more appropriate.

Stickers can be a powerful marketing tool. They can be given away as freebies at events, included in product packaging, or used in guerrilla marketing campaigns. They're a cost-effective way to increase brand visibility and create a lasting impression.

Absolutely! Wepik's sticker templates are designed to be customized, so you can tailor them to fit your brand's aesthetics. Use them as a starting point and add your own logos, colors, and text to make them uniquely yours.

Once you've finished customizing your sticker, click on the "Download" button to save it to your device. You can then print the design using a home printer or a professional printing service, depending on your needs.

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Explore and find the perfect sticker for you

I needed to make posters to find participants for a scientific study. With the help of Wepik, finding a design that suits my needs the best, has been very easy and intuitive!

Africa Gómez


The dynamism of the website has allowed me to work easily and quickly to make incredible designs for campaigns. I appreciate that it can be adapted to different formats!

Antonio Martin

CDO Marketing Digital

An excellent tool, I can send presentations of the products with a great design to my potential customers. Easy to use, very intuitive, and in only a few minutes, I have everything I need!



Wepik makes my job much easier to create content for social media, posters, and even invitations to promote my events. Since I discovered Wepik, I don't use any other editor!

Marta Rodriguez

Marketing Specialist

An essential platform in my everyday work and projects. It allows me to use elements that in other design platforms, would certainly be premium. I highly recommend it!

Marina Benítez

Founder of Pez Magazine