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Boost your business by creating a powerful logo that showcases your brand’s identity. No design knowledge is required, so get outstanding results just by editing our editable templates. Adapt them to any project in just a few minutes!

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Introducing Logo Maker

Design a logo for your business that truly makes an impact with Wepik's online logo maker! It's easy to use and provides unique design options based on the information you share about your business.

  • Easily customize professionally-made templates to fit your business.
  • Add a personal touch to your logo: change colors, shapes, and fonts or upload elements found on the web.
  • We have tons of custom objects so even picky customers will find what they need –no need to surf the Internet for design elements.
  • Get consistent branding across all materials - try our Brand Kit and reach top speed without losing your brand identity.

Why is having a logo important?

Investing in a logo that carries thought and meaning will help you gain your customers' trust and prove your commitment to professionalism. With just one look, anyone considering your services or products can quickly understand who you are and the value they stand to receive from you. A great logo is an essential tool for engaging people's attention and creating a lasting impression!

How to create a logo in Wepik

Check our logo templates

Browse all the available designs from our collection. Get inspired with hundreds of templates and select the logo that suits your business.

Easily design your Logos

Customize your new logo with Wepik’s online editor. Change colors, shapes, and everything you need to get the perfect result in a few clicks.

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Your brand-new logo is ready to be used wherever and whenever!
Download your files in PNG, JPG or PDF, and amaze your customers.

5 quick tips to get a stunning logo

Stay inspired with our logo designs ideas

Unlock the power of your brand with our unique collection of logo design templates. Get inspired and start building your brand today!

Minimalist Duotone Pure Cocoa Chocolate Logo Template
Monocolor Alzheimer's Disease Association Logo Template
Geometric Electric Express Service Logo Template
Duotone Vintage The Beard Master Logo Template
Linear Duotone The Beard Alchemist Logo Template
Vintage Ornamental The Groomed Gent Barber Logo Template
Elegant Duotone The Beard Architects Logo Template
Cute Hand-drawn Dreamy Cacao Chocolate Brand Logo Template
Colorful Creative Architect Logo Template
Monocolor Hand-drawn The Groomed Beard Logo Template
Hand-drawn Miami Golf Club Logo Template
Linear Vintage The Beardsmiths Logo Template
Vintage Monocolor Golf Club Logo Template
Duotone Doodle Labor Day United States Logo Template
Hand-drawn Choco Sensation Chocolate Brand Logo Template
Duotone Happy America Labor Day Logo Template
Minimalist Hand-drawn Golf Club Logo Template
Linear Pastel Kakao Chocolate Logo Template

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Frequently asked questions

A strong logo is not only essential to differentiate your small business from the competition - it is the soul of your business. Your logo is key to a brand's identity, as it represents the core values and mission that will attract the attention of potential customers. Therefore, your company needs a well-designed logo that conveys trust and boosts brand recognition.

Simplicity. The simpler your logo is, the easier to recognize it. Colors. It’s good to know what values your brand transmits and what colors match it. Typography. Choosing the perfect typography is essential to be aligned with the rest of the elements.

Open Wepik’s online editor on the editor toolbar, then click on ‘Background color’ and drag the opacity bar to 0%. Download your file as a PNG for a transparent background.

Simply open our online editor, go to the left side panel, and click on ’Add Element’. You'll find a huge collection of elements (icons, illustrations, stickers, basic shapes, image masks, lines, and arrows).

Create the perfect logo for your small business with Wepik’s editable templates. Display your brand’s personality by easily editing any template. Stand out from your competitors with a unique design!

Build a logo that helps your audience understand what your company stands out for, and that helps them connect with you. Great brands are able to represent a promise of quality for their customers. The items that will identify your logo are mainly the colors and the chosen style - always add a timeless and versatile element.

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I needed to make posters to find participants for a scientific study. With the help of Wepik, finding a design that suits my needs the best, has been very easy and intuitive!

Africa Gómez


The dynamism of the website has allowed me to work easily and quickly to make incredible designs for campaigns. I appreciate that it can be adapted to different formats!

Antonio Martin

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An excellent tool, I can send presentations of the products with a great design to my potential customers. Easy to use, very intuitive, and in only a few minutes, I have everything I need!



Wepik makes my job much easier to create content for social media, posters, and even invitations to promote my events. Since I discovered Wepik, I don't use any other editor!

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An essential platform in my everyday work and projects. It allows me to use elements that in other design platforms, would certainly be premium. I highly recommend it!

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