How to make free QR codes for restaurant and bar menus?

With ever-changing technology, restaurants, and bars need to stay updated with the latest offerings to remain competitive. Now more than ever it is important that your customers can access your business content whenever they need it, and what better way to give them a QR code to scan directly from their phones? 

When you’re done reading this simple tutorial, you’ll have learned by rote everything of how to set up a QR code for your restaurant or bar’s menu from scratch, and even know how to troubleshoot and optimize it. Here we go!

What is a QR code menu?

Do you remember the first time you saw a QR code at a restaurant table? Maybe, and you’ve probably noticed that they’re everywhere now. And what are they exactly? A QR code menu is a type of barcode that can be used to direct customers to the digital version of your menu with a single scan. In other words: anyone will be able to have at their fingertips at any time the information about your dishes. Bye-bye paperwork!

QR code menus are the future of restaurant dining – as this article from Entrepreneur magazine points out, their use is rising, and it’s not hard to understand why! They’re convenient, hassle-free, and can even give access to exclusive offers. Your customers will have an easy time browsing the menu and ordering a delicious dinner!

Reasons to have a restaurant menu with a QR code

  • Spend less money: QR codes are the perfect solution for cost-conscious restaurants, providing an easy and economical way to showcase menu items. 
  • Update your menus with ease: Keep it fresh, keep it current! Make swift adjustments to your menus – whether adding a new dish or changing up an old favorite.
  • Improve your menu design: Creating a unique dining experience for customers has never been easier! Redirect your diners to beautiful menus designed with professionalism and style.
  • Display images of your dishes: Tantalize customers with mouth-watering visuals of their food offerings on the menu, and give them a sneak peek for their order.
  • Save employees time: With QR code menus, your customers are their own chief chefs – they can make all the decisions and place orders without ever needing to call upon staff.
  • Boost the order value and frequency:  Provide customers with more choices and convenience – stock them up with more of what you love, because convenience is key to quickly satisfying your customer’s appetites.
  • Increase table turnover rate:  With digital menus at the table, your clients can peruse the options without bombarding your busy staff, saving everyone time and allowing for more satisfying meal times.
Four easy steps to use QR codes for business marketing
Infographic on the main steps to use QR codes for small business marketing

6 easy steps to create free QR codes for a restaurant or bar menu

Ready to unlock the mysteries of QR codes? Here’s your chance! Wepik has all the tricks up its sleeve – it only takes a few simple steps to be an expert. 

1. Start designing from scratch or pick a restaurant template

Wepik is a culinary game-changer! You can create your own signature menu using our cutting-edge menu maker tool, or borrow inspiration from one of our pre-made templates. Either way, you won’t be left wanting more options to design!

In case you’re looking to keep your restaurant menu design sleek and streamlined, why not combine a physical version with a QR code? That way customers can still explore all the delicious options available without renouncing the presentation.

Mockup of a collection of editable menu template from Wepik's platform.

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2. Upload your restaurant menu online

Once your menu is crafted, take it to the cloud! Hosting your restaurant’s goodies in Google Drive or other noteworthy websites will get you a one-of-a-kind URL so everyone can easily find it online.

3. Select the QR code tool from Wepik

Let the fun begin! Get your QR code from Wepik’s editor with just two steps: click “More” in the left sidebar and choose “QR Code”.

Screenshot of Wepik's online editing tool showing how to find the QR Code option inside the editor.

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4. Add your restaurant menu URL

Now add the link for your restaurant menu stored in the cloud to your brand-new QR code.

5. Customize it with your brand

QR codes don’t have to be boring! Let your creativity shine and customize your code with your brand colors and even your logo.

6. Download your new QR code

Reach the finish line – it’s time to get your masterpiece! Download your design from Wepik in different formats (JPG, PNG and PDF). You’ll always sure of the best results!

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At Wepik, you can satisfy your cravings for stunning visuals! With our vast selection of menu templates, it’s never been easier. And if you’re still hungry for more, take a look at our blog article to create a five-star menu. Bon appétit!