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Free Personal Trainer Brochure templates to download

Customize and personalize designs from our selection of Personal trainer brochure templates! Include all the information you want to share with a few clicks. Start warming up!

Brochures are a key marketing tool for personal trainers, as they can provide potential clients with an overview of their services and qualifications in one convenient document. Personal trainer brochures come in various styles, shapes and sizes to suit any requirement - from tri-fold to bi-fold and postcards to booklets.

Tri-fold brochures offer plenty of space to include visuals such as photos or illustrations alongside descriptive content about their services and qualifications. Bi-folds on the other hand offer smaller spaces that can quickly bring attention to key features such as pricing or achievements along with contact details. Postcards are ideal for short messages that still pack a punch when it comes to showcasing what sets the particular business apart from its competitors - from special offers to unique selling points. Booklets meanwhile allow personal trainers to go into detail about their unique backgrounds or approaches, giving potential customers even more information about why they should hire them as opposed to anyone else.

The use of brochures is essential for personal trainers looking to build up their client base, therefore including important information such as pricing plans, contact details etc is essential when designing any type of brochure - regardless if it’s digital or print-based format.

When it comes time to design these materials there are many options available such as Wepik which provides access to designs, templates, images and videos that can be used in creating effective personal training brochures tailored towards the specific needs of your business. Through Wepik’s easy drag & drop features users can customize images or text in just seconds before saving out the final file ready for printing or digital distribution.