Instagram Reels – A beginners’ tips guide

Looking for a new way to level up your brand on Instagram? Posts and stories are great, but why not try Reels, the platform’s fun and creative video content feature? From multi-clip videos accompanied by soundtracks of your choice to filters and captions that pop—you can tailor these elements according to what best fits you. 

Don’t wait any longer! In this guide, you’ll uncover the top tips and tricks to learn more about how to create effective Instagram Reel content. Ready to launch your business into success?

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is an entertaining and creative way for users to create short-form videos to share with their followers on the popular social media platform. These clips can be set to music or other audio, allowing users to express themselves uniquely!

Reels are all about showcasing your creativity and having fun in the process. Users can add a variety of elements to their videos, such as filters, stickers, and text overlays, to make their content even more eye-catching and personalized. This feature creates an immersive and engaging experience for viewers and ensures that your videos stand out in a crowded social media space.

For businesses, this is a great way to engage with their audience in a more creative and impactful way than ever before. You can use Reels as an opportunity to show off your daily work or highlight your products in a manner that will resonate with your followers. Whether you own a restaurant, boutique store, or online shop – Instagram Reels offer an untapped realm of creative possibilities to help promote your business!

How to make a Reel on Instagram?

To get started, open the Instagram app and switch to the main feed. At the bottom of your screen, you will see an icon that looks like a TV set – click this to launch the Reels interface.

Once you’re in the Reels editor, pick an audio source for your video by clicking the “Audio” tab. You can choose music from Instagram’s library, or upload your own.

Next, select your video clips from either your gallery or Camera Roll. Once they are uploaded, use the timeline at the bottom of your screen to arrange the clips. You can also add effects such as filters, slow motion, or fast-forwarding if desired!

To customize your Reel further, click on the “Edit” tab and use tools such as stickers and text overlays to make it more eye-catching and personalized. When you’re done editing, hit “Next” to preview how your completed Reel will look.

Finally, write a caption and add hashtags before sharing it with followers or direct messaging it to friends – it’s as easy as that!

How does the Instagram Reel algorithm work?

Instagram’s Reels algorithm is, in fact, the sum of several algorithms, various processes, and classifiers. The functioning of this algorithm is quite similar to that of the “Explore” section: in the first process, Instagram shows certain Reels that may be interesting to the user, ordering them according to that supposed degree of interest.

Some of the essential signals for this algorithm are activity, i.e., seeing which Reels users have liked, if they have commented, etc. They will also show Reels from accounts that users have interacted with before, so you must encourage your audience to react to your content, save it, etc. The famous engagement is essential here!

To maximize the visibility of your Reel, create content that stands out from other competing posts. By engaging with and understanding how Instagram’s algorithm works to its advantage, opportunities for your post to go viral increase exponentially. Posting at times when users are most active on the platform can help you reach more people– giving you an edge in reaching new audiences!

Best practices for gaining visibility on Reels

Willing to learn how to make the most of your Reels strategy? Say no more: let’s dive into the Instagram Reels’ best practices – and become a pro!

A mockup of an IG Reels over a growing infographic to showcase the best practices in order to increase traffic on this social media.

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Create valuable content for your audience

This aspect is key to gaining visibility and building your brand. Reels allow you to create short videos that are engaging and attention-grabbing, making it easy to quickly capture your audience’s attention. 

When creating content for Reels, focus on making quality videos that provide value to your followers. This could be anything from tutorials, product reviews, or entertaining content like meme compilations or even lip-sync clips – the only limit is your imagination!

Hop in some of the trends

If you’re looking to shake things up and draw attention, then staying current with the trends is your ticket! Whether it’s a catchy sound or an adapted version of that must-know dance move, infusing innovation into your Reels means dramatic reach. 

Understand the popular content on Instagram to ensure that your videos engage, resonate and stand out from everyone else – stay ahead of the competition by keeping abreast of upcoming trends!

Use popular music and tracks

Using popular music and tracks in your Reels can help you stand out from the crowd as well as give your content an extra boost of energy! Not only will it make your videos more entertaining, but it will also help you reach a wider audience

Incorporating popular music into your Instagram Reels can add a layer of emotion to your content. Not only that, but songs with a familiar beat will have viewers humming along and sharing, making you the star of everyone’s newsfeed!

Add relevant hashtags 

Leveraging hashtags on Instagram, and even more when it comes to Reels, is a powerful strategy for amplifying your visibility and building an engaged audience. By researching relevant terms, you can become recognizable in your field, while also helping potential customers find you more easily. 

Popular hashtag usage may even result in trend placement, which further cements the success of your content! So take your time to ensure that every post contains fitting keywords—you won’t regret it!

Engage your audience

Get your Instagram community involved in the content you create! Ask them what kind of Reels posts they want to see from you by leveraging a poll on Stories. Doing this will make viewers feel seen and valued, leading to an increase in engagement for all your content and better awareness about your account among their peers.

If you’re looking to increase engagement with your social media Reels, consider adding a call-to-action for your audience. Ask them any questions about the content, try launching contests, and encourage interaction by asking them to like, comment, share, or save it. There are endless possibilities!

Learn how long can Instagram Reels be

Instagram Reels have had quite the evolution! It all started out as a 15-second clip, but recently it’s been extended to 60 or even 90 seconds in some cases. In addition, for certain occasions, you can now capture up to an impressive fifteen minutes of content – providing what will no doubt be tons of creative potential and fun!

If you’re searching for maximal engagement with your Reel, stick to a sweet spot of 7–15 seconds. There’s no room for wasted time here – if necessary, use the countdown feature at the beginning and trim off any extra pauses. Your video should be ready as soon as that first word comes out!

Have an appealing Instagram Reel Cover

Crafting an unforgettable Instagram Reel cover can boost the visibility of your content and draw more viewers in. To make a strong impression, choose vibrant colors, appealing visuals, and compelling text to ignite interest from potential watchers. 

Your Reel cover should accurately reflect who you are while also showcasing the type of content that your audience will see if they watch your video — this will help them form an idea about what to expect before hitting play! With an engaging Reel cover design that speaks volumes about you and your work, creating exciting videos with lasting appeal is within reach!

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As you can see, Instagram Reels can be precisely the opportunity you’ve been looking for to boost your business, whether it’s a small or big company. Take all these pieces of advice and tips into consideration, and start planning your Reels strategy today. And as always, stay tuned, as there are more exciting blog posts being cooked in the oven!