Generate free product photos with AI [prompts included]

Stunning product photos can make or break a business. They can significantly impact your sales and help you showcase your products in the best possible light. However, not everyone has the resources or expertise to create such images. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in.

Get ready to impress with stunning visuals – and without a single dime spent! Thanks to Wepik’s text-to-image AI generator, you can now create professional product shots in just a few clicks. Our step-by-step guide will show you how easy it is to use Wepik’s AI and showcase your products like a pro. Don’t miss out on this game-changing tool – let’s get started!

Step 1: Generate images with AI

Sharpen your pencils and get in your Shakespearean mood, because the first step in all-things-AI is crafting the perfect prompt. But don’t worry, Wepik’s AI image generator is here to make things easy! Simply start by describing what you’re looking for in a natural and easy-to-understand way. 

For example, if you’re in the business of cosmetic products and want your images to feel extremely professional, you could use a prompt like “Photo Realistic Cosmetic Branding Mockups, Professional Product Photographs”. Sounds like klingon? Let’s re-wind; with Photo realisticwe’re telling the AI the style, and we highlight it withProfessional Product Photograph”. By including Branding and Mockups, we’re guiding it towards the type of images we’re expecting. Then, it’s key to include additional words to reinforce the idea you want to generate, in this case, related to professional product photography. Concepts like minimalistic mockup, intricate and highly-detailed, elegant background will boost your prompt to a whole new level. Don’t be afraid to repeat concepts, this will emphasize it even more!

The text-to-image generator will then bring back multiple images based on this prompt, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Our prompt, should look like this:

“Photo Realistic
Cosmetics Branding Mockups, Professional Product Photographs, minimalistic mockup, intricate and highly-detailed, elegant background”

Step 2: Customize and edit your picture

Now that the magic is halfway done, select an image from the ones generated  – it’s time to customize and edit it. Wepik’s photo tools make it easy to modify the image to fit your needs. One of the most useful tools is the background remover, but you’ll find plenty more!

With our powerful features, you can easily adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your AI photos to make them pop like never before. And that’s not all! You can also apply gradients and blur effects, to give your pictures a unique and stylish touch.

But wait, there’s more! Our intuitive cropping and resizing tools make it easy to focus on specific areas and fit your images perfectly to your website or social media channels. 

Step 3: Apply filters and add your logo

Get ready to make your images stand out – even more! Apply a variety of filters, including vintage, black and white, and sepia, to give your images a unique and personalized look. They can also be personalized and tweaked, so try out different filters to find the best one that represents your product perfectly.

You can also easily add your logo to your images with Wepik’s user-friendly tools. Upload and customize its size and placement effortlessly, so your branding is on point whether you’re sharing on social media or using it for marketing materials.

Step 4: Insert additional elements

After you’ve customized the image, the party is still happening! Insert additional elements like shapes, text, stickers or even templates. This is an excellent way to highlight specific features of the product or to add an irresistible call to action.

For example, if you’re selling cosmetics, you could use a template that has a similar color palette, while adding a text box that says “Limited Time Offer” or a shape around the product to draw attention to it. These elements can help make your product photo stand out and encourage customers to take action.

And just like that… voilá!

Who said fantastic, high-quality product photos had to come with a price tag? Not Wepik, that’s for sure! With our nifty AI image generator and editing tools, you can create eye-catching images without busting your budget or needing a photography degree.

Now that we’ve seen how to make top AI content, are you ready to upgrade your small biz game? To give an extra helping hand, let’s keep this between us but we’ve left some inspiringly creative prompts down below. Feel free to try them, and let Wepik and AI do the heavy lifting – you’ll be amazed at the results.

After all, that’s Wepik – design made easy for your business.


Free prompts for product photography

Give these prompts a try right here, on free AI Image generator.

Photo realistic cosmetics branding mockups, professional product photographs, minimalistic mockup, intricate and highly-detailed, elegant background


Blank minimal drink can, highly professional product photography, no text, each detail is intricately and meticulously presented against an elegant background, with plants

Impeccable mockups for corporate stationery branding, expert product photography, minimalistic design with intricate detail, elegant backdrop

Embark on a visual journey with vintage motorbikes. Through hyper-realistic mockups, expertly captured product photographs, a touch of minimalism in the mockup, intricate detailing, all against an elegant backdrop

Minimal professional headphones, simple and aluminum, product photography, detailed background

Simple jewelry, very minimal silver earrings, professional product photography, elegant background

Stylish women’s neon bags, expertly captured product photographs, a touch of minimalism in the mockup, intricate detailing, all against an elegant backdrop, haute couture

A pair of hiking boots, extremely detailed and realistic, placed on nature, expertly captured product photographs, a touch of minimalism in the mockup, intricate detailing outdoors, all against an elegant backdrop