Free AI-generated slogans: generate compelling brand messages

Greetings, explorers! In this ever-evolving world that keeps on spinning, let’s hop on and discover the incredible world of artificial intelligence (AI) and it can transform our branding.

By diving into the exciting possibilities that AI offers, we can create content like never before, such as generating captivating slogans for businesses. Start transforming your branding with AI-powered creativity while producing new slogans and claims today with a few clicks! Say goodbye to brainstorming sessions and hello to a world of original and memorable slogans for your business by following these simple steps. 

Generate slogans with AI Writer

How to get started with slogans? Easy! Simply open Wepik’s AI Writer and add your keywords, quotes, instructions, or brand themes, and watch as our cutting-edge tool crafts a captivating slogan that reflects the true essence of your brand. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection.  Feel free to edit and tweak the slogan as necessary to create a memorable message that accurately represents your business. Keep rewriting until it’s absolutely spot-on!

Slogan prompt – Write a persuasive slogan to promote a new coffee shop called “Joan’s Corner”

Screenshot that shows how to create a slogan with Wepik's online AI Writer.

Customize and combine slogan & logo

Once your slogan has been meticulously crafted to perfection, it’s time to expertly fuse it with your brand’s logo, creating a harmonious and captivating synergy that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression and exude maximum impact.

With Wepik’s multiple text features, you’re the master of your fate and the captain of your soul! Select a circular text effect to surround your logo, add shadows or outline the main words. You can even change the spacing, coloring, and gradient shapes!

Free prompts for slogans

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about building the correct prompt. Relax, because the AI-generated slogans can offer a wide range of ideas and suggestions that will undoubtedly spark your creative brilliance, and even become part of a new prompt! These valuable resources guarantee that your brand’s message not only succeeds but stands out among the competition.

Here at Wepik, we’re delighted to lend a helping hand – so check out these pre-made prompts that you can personalize for your business logos and slogans

  • Write a persuasive slogan to promote a new [business] called “(Name)”
  • Create a compelling subject line for a brand-new [business]
  • Introduce an [business] in three lines, bold and friendly

Plus, some will work wonders with logos

  • A dark logo for a [business/object], vector, svg, simple, no background,  png, monocolor, professional branding, 
  • A gradient logo, 2 circles, simple gradient color logo, no background, bicolor,  [business/object] related
  • A [business/object] 3D logo, very cute shape, miniature small-scale painting style, minimalism, lite object style, up view, matte, white background, soft round form, ultra high definition details, 8k

AI-generated slogans are just the beginning. The future will bring more advanced tools and develop new product ideas based on consumer preferences. In the meantime, using AI texts and claims is a great way to give your brand an edge over competitors and create a lasting impression on your target audience. To stay tuned, keep an eye out for Wepik’s blog posts!