How to create a social media marketing strategy for your coffee shop

Do you feel that you are missing out on great opportunities to draw in more customers and increase your sales by any chance? Maybe you are not making the most of your social networks or there are factors you are taking for granted. In any case, honing your social media strategy for your business is key when your aim is to increase your visibility and enhance brand loyalty.

If you want to check whether you’re on the right track or if you’re thinking about planning a social media marketing strategy for your coffee shop, you came to the right place at the right time! This article will teach you some tips about promoting your coffee shop online successfully.

Showcase your Content with the Best Graphics

Your company may stand out for its high-quality, brewed coffee, pretty ceramic mugs, eye-popping interior design, or original shapes made with froth milk. But falling into the trap of posting repetitive, unimpressive content out of habit is not enough to lure an experienced audience, which is bombarded with many stimuli from ads and pictures non-stop!

To make an impact, you must train your creativity and showcase your café on social media using high-definition pictures and memorable designs. This may seem like a time-consuming, complicated task to face at first. Thankfully, the modern era has brought to life design tools like Wepik which offer a wide range of creative templates specifically for coffee shop social media platforms. We invite you to give it a try and get the hang of it in a few clicks!

Collection of 8 editable templates for coffee shop small businesses from Wepik's editor. They have an aesthetic and elegant design for the perfect touch

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Let Customers Know About Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Who doesn’t love discounts? There seems to exist a gravitational kind of force that attracts customers to the orbit of reduced prices and offers like a magnet. Announcing your regular promotions and one-off events on your social media incentivizes your potential audience to follow your account and interact with your content.

This also fosters mouth-to-mouth marketing, boosts your brand awareness, and helps build customer loyalty. After all, special offers are a win-win for you and your business as well!

Collection of 3 editable social media discounts and sales templates for coffee shops

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Use Hashtags to Reach New Coffee Lovers

Many companies overlook them, but hashtags are a valuable feature that every social media marketing plan should include. They allow you to spread your content farther away past your follower base and to target niche audiences easily. Although its popularity took off on Twitter, it also became available on other social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Research which coffee shop hashtags are often browsed and clicked by users, and then implement them into your social media marketing strategy. As for the ideal amount of hashtags, the Instagram @creators account advises not to exceed 5 hashtags per post. Avoid stuffing your posts with an endless stream of hashtags and misusing them in non-promotional texts. With time and patience, you will draw in passionate coffeeholics who will fall in love with your company!

Update your Content Frequently

We advise you to refresh your content regularly. Post chronologically and consistently, so your brand doesn’t fall into oblivion. Put your organizational skills into use and anticipate what and when you are going to upload your posts by arranging monthly and/or weekly planners, as the template we attach down below. You can also use a Gantt chart to plan your week and set goals.

This will help you take a holistic approach to the social media strategy of your coffee shop and diagnose its outcomes in the big picture. Generating content regularly also means more chances for your audience to interact and engage with your brand.

Social media editable calendar template with a purple background for coffee shops and small businesses to organize their online content easily

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Interact with your Customers

Statistics show that 57% of people are willing to spend more money on companies they feel a connection with, and 64% expect brands to interact with their customers. Interactions make your coffee shop look warmer and friendlier, and improve customer satisfaction and retention. If your social media marketing strategy already covers this crucial aspect, you’re nailing it!

Polls, comments, questions, challenges, giveaways, or reposting other people’s content are just a bunch of ideas you can come up with to engage your followers.

Answer All Comments

Although we have already addressed customer engagement, answering comments from users on your profile deserves a mention on its own. Responding to them regardless of their intention indicates that you care about your brand and your clients. For your users to feel identified with your corporate culture, it is recommended that you shape a recognizable communication style that resonates with your audience.

The trickiest part of comments comes when they are written as a complaint, sometimes coarsely and unfairly. Maybe someone found their coffee to taste stronger than it was asked for or thought the service was too slow, or maybe they just felt downright unsatisfied for any incomprehensible reason. In these cases, the social media manager should hold back their emotions and adhere to the communication guidelines of your café. Remember: professionalism always comes first in any social media marketing strategy.

Collaborate with Social Media Micro-influencers

You’ve probably heard about the so-called influencers, that is, online famous users who are usually looked up to by their huge amount of followers. In 2015, mega influencers were still a thing, but, as years passed by, brands tended to focus more on micro-influencers.

Although their scope is narrower, their audience may resonate better with the brand and services you offer. For example, a small shop selling sports clothes may want to hire a climber, swimming instructor, or personal trainer with a more specific local, niche public rather than paying a fortune to your average worldwide-known celebrity or socialite. At the end of the day, micro-influencers were proven to win in profitability.

Just a couple of stats to back up the usefulness of influencer marketing: 41% of customers discover new products through influencers weekly and ROI from this type of marketing is 11 times higher than from banner ads. Bearing all this in mind, we believe that working hand in hand with influencers yields great results and is an exceptional addition to your current social media marketing strategy for your coffee shop.

Share Unique Content with these Coffee Shop Social Media Post Ideas

Generating distinctive, personalized content is the way to go if you want to stick in your potential customer’s minds. To be memorable and grow, you should publish engaging content to get your followers involved and leverage your brand. Keep reading to discover great, original ideas for your social media!

Coffee shop Instagram & Facebook Posts

Your products may look mouthwatering and make everybody salivate, but that doesn’t mean you should limit your posts to the same, uninspired close-ups of your coffee and snacks. Take a look at this list of ideas and pick whichever you deem best:

  • Quizzes related to your products.
  • Trending topics that are relevant to your brand.
  • Exciting stories and testimonials about your customers, your business, and its workers.
  • Enticing giveaways and special offers within limited timeframes.
  • Memes and caption-this-photo posts related to coffee (if you have a keen sense of humor).
  • Helpful tips and video tutorials to brew sweet coffee or bake yummy pastries.
  • Milestones and achievements of your coffee shop.
  • Behind-the-scenes posts showing the insides of the day-by-day at your café.

Cute coffee shop instagram post template from Wepik's collection

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Coffee Shop Instagram Stories

Statistics reveal that 58% of users have decided to visit a website and buy a product after seeing a related Instagram story that caught their attention. Offline, local businesses like your coffee shop can benefit from this behavior as well by increasing brand awareness and, eventually, reeling in new clients from your follower base. Needless to say, Instagram stories are the ultimate weapon to engage with your followers and reach new ones. If you talk in your videos, use video captioning as people do not always have the opportunity to listen to a video. Below, we list some inspiring ideas of our own to create thumb-stopping stories for your coffee shop:

  • Witty quotes and facts about your products.
  • Fun polls. For example, “what is your favorite kind of coffee?”, “where do you like to hang out with your friends?”, “what’s the best time for a coffee break?” and so on.
  • Emoji sliders combined with high-definition photos.
  • Shout-outs to followers who tag you and post a picture at your café.
  • Aesthetic pictures of your brand-new delicious products.
  • Create stimulating contests to maximize your reach.

Coffee shop Instagram stories collection template with an editable layout and a blue and cream color palette

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Coffee Shop Facebook Headers

Facebook headers are the first meeting point between users and your coffee shop’s online identity. It’s a pretty noticeable part of your profile since it covers approximately a quarter of an average screen. You would like your first conversation with a client to be pleasant, mood-boosting, and professional, wouldn’t you?

As with the rest of your content, they should match the style and tone of your whole visual branding. A nice-looking Facebook cover for a coffee shop should be on-brand, display big fonts, bright colors, impressive shapes, and, maybe, include one of your best photos. In any case, the main point of headers is to impact your audience and encourage them to keep scrolling down to explore the rest of the profile of your café.

Customizable brown Facebook Header template from Wepik's collection with a coffee cup at the right and a cute design

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Start Designing Quality Content for your Coffee Shop and its Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Got it all set? Gear up your creativity, ‘cause it’s time to work on your brand squeezing out your creative juice and firing up your imagination. Now that you have the tools and the know-how to boost your brand on social media, you need an efficient design tool to produce fresh posts, stories, and other assets for your accounts.

Wepik provides a free graphic design editor for small businesses with hundreds of resources of different styles and formats to ease and speed up their content creation process. Thanks to its hassle-free editor, you can fully customize an extensive array of unique templates putting into practice solely your intuition and inventiveness. Give it a go and upgrade your social media marketing strategy for your coffee shop now!