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Free Wedding templates to download

Our free wedding templates will help you create lovely invitations for all your friends and acquaintances. It's a matter of choosing one of our designs and customizing it to your heart's content. You can do it quickly and online with our editor!

Hand-drawn Wedding Forest Invitation
Floral Minimalist Save The Date Calendar
Geometric Wedding Planner Happy Forever Poster
Floral James Black Wedding Planner Place Card
Lucia & Mario Dark Blue Wedding Invitation
Minimalist Wedding Place Card
Linear Floral Blue Wedding Invitation 2
Gradient Floral Wedding Planner Poster
Elegant Dark Wedding Anniversary Menu
Aesthetic Floral Shiny Bride Wedding Planner Instagram Post
Hand-drawn Jenna Jackson Wedding Place Card
Hand-drawn Wedding Sparrow Invitation
Elegant D&L Wedding Place Card
Elegant Gold Wedding Planner Place Card
Ornamental Indian Wedding Invitation
Hand-drawn Pastel Wedding Presentation template 6
Floral Monocolor Wedding Save The Date Circle Sticker 4
Ornamental Pastel Pamela Halpert Wedding Place Card
Ornamental wedding invitation
Elegant Linear Wedding Logo 6
Abstract Painted Monocolor Wedding Presentation 6
Duotone Floral Lorraine March Wedding Planner Place Card
Hand-drawn Abstract Jane Michael Wedding Place Card
Vintage Table Four Wedding Place Card
Gradient Floral Wedding Planner Plans Poster
Floral Charlotte Smith Wedding Place Card
Pastel Vintage The Big Day Wedding Planner Instagram Post
Wedding save the date  with photo
Floral Wedding S&F Catering Menu
Vintage Floral Thank you Wedding Place Card
Hand-drawn Plants Wedding Place Card
Minimalist Your Boutique Clothing Store Poster
Hand-drawn Wedding Photographer Price List
Monocolor Abstract Flora Wedding Place Card
Floral Aesthetic Wedding Florist 1990 Logo 9
Albert & Rose Yellow Floral Wedding logo
Dark Blue And Linear Flowers Wedding Invitation
Cream Plants Maria & Oscar Wedding Invitation
Minimalist John Robbins Wedding Place Card
Hand-drawn Floral Janne Smith Wedding Place Card
Creative Boho Chic Wedding Place Card
White Ornamental Photo Anna & Carl Wedding invitation
Hand-drawn  Best Event Wedding Planner Facebook Post
Monocolor Dream Wedding Planner Instagram Story 4
Hand-drawn Emily & Mara Wedding Place Card
Geometric and Plants Wedding Invitation with Photo
Illustrated floral wedding invitation card
Hand-drawn WP Wedding Planner Poster
Floral wedding invitation card
Floral Hand-drawn Wedding Planner Best Plans Poster
Hand-drawn Floral Wish Wedding Planner Instagram Story 4
Natural leaves save the date wedding invitation
Duotone Floral Lorraine March Wedding Planner Facebook Post
Elegant Gold Wedding Planner Booklet 12
Elegant Floral Table Seven Wedding Place Card
Floral Abstract Mona Lewis Wedding Planner Place Card
Vintage Ornamental Henna Style Wedding Invitation
Minimalist Rocio & Nuria Wedding Invitation
Realistic Red Roses Wedding Invitation
Elegant Pastel Catherine Rose Wedding Place Card