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Free online editable Cat Meme templates

Who says cats are unfriendly? Get any of these hilarious cat memes created by Wepik and customize its template to your liking with our online editing tool. Once you're done, download it and share your design on social media!

Funny Gossip Meme Template
Funny Gossip Meme
Grumpy By Cute Meme Template
Grumpy By Cute Meme
Coffee Drama Meme Template
Coffee Drama Meme
Cat memes are a beloved form of internet humor that feature adorable feline companions in various amusing scenarios. There are countless types of cat memes, each with its own unique style and humor.

Some popular types include captioned images, where funny captions are added to images of cats to create hilarious juxtapositions. Other types include reaction memes, where cats are depicted with exaggerated facial expressions that mimic human emotions, adding a humorous touch to relatable situations.

In terms of shapes, cat memes can come in various formats. They can be square-shaped images, perfect for sharing on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, cat memes can also take the form of GIFs or short videos, allowing for animated and dynamic humor. These different shapes offer versatility and creativity when it comes to creating and sharing cat memes.

The uses of cat memes are extensive and diverse. They are primarily used for entertainment and humor, providing lighthearted moments and bringing joy to people's lives. Cat memes are shared on social media platforms, forums, and messaging apps, serving as a means of communication and bonding over shared laughter. Furthermore, cat memes have become a form of self-expression, with internet users using them to express their emotions, opinions, or simply to brighten someone's day.

Wepik is a fantastic resource for creating your own cat memes. With its collection of customizable templates and design elements, you can easily add funny captions, edit images, and create unique and personalized cat memes. Whether you're looking to create a hilarious reaction meme or a clever captioned image, Wepik provides the tools and resources to unleash your creativity and make your own cat memes that will bring a smile to everyone's face.