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Free Non-profit Organization Letterhead templates to download

As the saying goes, “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Share your non-profit organization progresses and causes with Wepik's selection of Letterhead templates.

Non-profit organizations are entities that exist for the purpose of furthering a social, educational, religious, or other charitable cause. Unlike traditional businesses, non-profits are not driven by the goal of making a profit and must instead operate on the basis of certain laws and regulations in order to maintain their tax-exempt status. As such, they have specific requirements when it comes to communication and branding.
A letterhead is considered an important component of branding as it helps to create recognition and distinction for a company or organization. Letterheads can range from simple designs featuring basic organizational information (name, logo, contact info) to more elaborate pieces designed to represent the values and mission of a company or non-profit organization.

For non-profits specifically, letterheads help convey credibility and trustworthiness; they also play a big role in marketing efforts and promotion since they are often used in official correspondence such as letters, memos, invoices, donation requests and more.

There are several types of non-profit letterheads available — from classic one-color designs to more modern eco friendly versions made from recycled materials. For example, many organizations choose to print their letterheads on 100% post-consumer waste paper using vegetable based inks – this helps reduce environmental impact while still providing quality results that reflect the mission and values of the organization. Additionally there’s die cut letterhead which features decorative punch outs around the edges (perfect for conveying creativity). Lastly there’s multi page letterhead – useful for companies who need more space for detailed information including mission statements or contact details.

No matter what type of letterhead you decide to go with, it should be tailored to your particular organization – including logo placement, color scheme/font choice as well as any other important details like contact information or legal disclaimers. The goal is to create something that accurately reflects your message while still being professional enough for use in official correspondence!